Why Cumaru or Ipe Wood Deck Tile are The Best of World?

Have you already known why wood deck tile by Cumaru or Ipe are the best? Look at this article to understand answers about this topic.

Cumaru and Ipe wood deck tile are well-known like good solution to install at outdoor or indoor decorations, very nice for texture that increase charm presence on color mixture with hardness that just this kind of material may offer to homes, apartments, holidays club, religious temples and other constructions.

Wood deck tile sounds like a good idea to make any outdoor living like a best place inside of home, with a sophistication that can charm any user for singular esthetic.

Any people that may admire wood deck tile installed can imagine it is so hard to install. But, once you choose best options, like Indusparquet products, so installation can be easier, because any tile has modern engineering to facility setup.

The wood deck tile is very easy to install, and there’s no very cost time, many or even excess of dirty.

Facility to install is not the only one reason for you buy Indusparquet wood deck tiles, a natural product that valorize any room’s decorations. Yes, your home gets more appreciation when have wood deck tiles by Cumaru or Ipe.

Roof, balcony, patios, barbecue area or pool zones, it does not matter, any place that have Cumaru Ipe wood deck tiles may be more beautiful and gain a genuinely decoration worthy of being a part by best covers of magazines.

In the sets form of square plates by most different sizes that fit together during installation. A very popular product in the international market, mainly the United States.

Main Benefits of Indusparquet Wood Deck Tiles

  • Flexible with any kind of decoration proposal;
  • Easier to install;
  • Very options to choose textures;
  • Dynamic looking surface;
  • Resilience and durability for more than 50 years;
  • There is no necessity to make professional cleaning every day;
  • It can be install including concrete patios;
  • 100% natural;
  • It has between 50-60% more cost-effective in comparison to plastic materials;
  • Composition of Ipe, Cumaru or others hardness wood;
  • Very years without professional maintenance;
  • Perfect to install inside and offside of constructions;
  • Easier to install;
  • Resistant against fire and cigarette marks;
  • Material by sustainable Well-Managed Forests;
  • Tile connector elevates tiles for drying airflow;
  • Shows a little that tropical wood can offer by natural decoration;
  • Extremely beautiful, durable and low maintenance;
  • Resistance against wood rot, termites, fungus, mildew and mold;
  • You might install at any place imagined.

The Best Wood to Wood Deck Tile Construction: Cumaru

Cumaru is one of the best woods at world to build wood deck tiles.

Brazilian teak Cumaru has a brownish color that gets darker with passing of time.

Good news: The dark tone is less likely to present as wear marks when comparing to lighter colors.

Deck Cumaru is a brilliant product, an exotic blend of colors that represent a bit of the lush natural brands by South America.

Truth be told: No one American wood or found at forests of North America comes close to the hardness and stamina by Cumaru.

As a Cumaru wood has chances of drying or rolling during the manufacturing process, manufacturers produce wood deck tile at artificially dry manner.

Cumaru wood (Scientific name: Dipteryx odorata), from the Fabaceae family, originates in the Brazilian forests of Atlantic Forest and Amazônia region.

Besides Brazil, it also has presence on other countries of Latin American.

Cumaru decks have a natural heart of light brown with a bit of yellow, a combination that provides shine and enhances aesthetic beauty

According to the Brazilian regions, the types of Cumaru wood may have different names, for instance:

  • Ipe Cumaru decking;
  • Muirapapé decking;
  • Cumbaru ferro decking;
  • Cumbaru decking;
  • Cumaru Roxo decking;
  • Cumaru Rosa decking;
  • Cumaru Ferro decking;
  • Cumaru Amazonas decking;
  • Baru decking;
  • Camaru Ferro decking;
  • Cambaru decking;
  • Cambaru Ferro decking;
  • Cumaru Amarelo decking;
  • Canga de Boi decking;
  • Cambaru Roxo decking;
  • Emburama brava decking;
  • Cambaru ferro decking;
  • Champagne decking;
  • Cumaru verdadeiro decking;
  • Cumaru da Folha Grande decking;
  • Cumaru Escuro decking;
  • Cumarurana decking;
  • Cumaruzinho decking;
  • Cumbari decking.

Ipe: The Best Wood to Wood Deck Tile Construction

Considered the best type of wood for decking or flooring. Ipe has similar tones to Cumaru, although it is a bit darker.

Ipe wood has a scientific name: Handroanthus serrafolius. It belongs to the Bignoniaceae family.

Although all the best types of hardwoods are resistant to fungal and insect attacks, it can be said that no species compares to Ipe wood, a product that ensures less costs and more benefits at long run.

The scientific studies of the world’s most renowned universities indicate that Ipe wood has superior durability in contact with the soil, even to buildings established near the coastal areas.

Ipe wood color: brown with yellowish or greenish reflections, a mixture of wild tones that fit in rustic decorative proposals.

Ipe is a natural product of the Brazilian regions: North, Northeast and Center West.

Far from being on the list of endangered timber, Ipe is one Brazilian raw materials exported to manufacture of wood floors.

Ipe deck tile also have different names depending on location in Brazil or other parts of South American continent:

All these species of noble logs, such as Cumaru and Ipe, are present on the shelves of Indusparquet, the best and most credited wooden decking manufacturer.

In this way, if it is composed of one by these types of wood and represents one of the most varied Indusparquet options, you can be sure to have a product of long validity, whether for commercial or residential uses.

You might find Ipe deck tiles with others common names like:

  • Ipe amarelo decking;
  • Dente de cão decking;
  • Ipe amarelo decking;
  • Ipe amarelo tabaco decking.

Difference Between Unfinished and Finished Wood Deck Tiles

Unfinished Wood Deck Tiles: It is a decking that does not have any finishing with products like oils and varnish.

An advantage is one point in favor to rustic decorations. The natural color by Cumaru and Ipe has more durability.

Finished Wood Deck Tiles: Instead of unfinished, the finished wood deck tile has finishing applied after the installation. So, you must wait dry for somedays before of use.

The original tons of wood can be darker for reactions by contact between varnished and natural or artificial light.

But, an advantage is resistance against attrition and abrasion, so it can have more year by glare.

After some years, you can reapply products to finishing after shaving wood.

Difference Between Traditional Long Decking and Wood Deck Tiles

When it comes to thinking about the home exterior remodeling project, decking is always a great option onto reconcile functionality with beauty in the garden or pool.

This is because, on the one hand, decks leave the environment charming and cozy, but are also non-slip, resistant to humidity, sun or rain.

However, those who want to take advantage of these benefits at home may have some difficulty at the time of purchase, as this result can be achieved with two different materials: traditional wood long deck and wood deck tile.

After all, what changes in the finish, how to install and take care of each other?

The result may be the same, but traditional wood long deck and wood deck tile are two very distinct things.

The main difference is in size: the wood deck tiles are square and available in measures like 20x20cm, 30x30cm and 45x45cm.

One thing that few people know is that, in addition to the outside area, the wood deck tile can also be used as a non-slip pit decking.

Wood deck tile is super easy to clean, sturdy and can even add a special touch to your bathroom decor.

On the other hand, traditional long deck is larger and can be found in both rectangular shapes, measuring 40x100cm or 55x120cm, as well as with a longer and narrower finish.

Deck tile materials can vary between wood and plastic. At the time of purchase, you can find in two versions: 100% wood or with mixed wood and plastic.

Undoubtedly, the composition with only wood is the best choice in terms of durability, aesthetics, safety, among other aspects.

Wood is more expensive, but at the same time has a quality of super resistant, can be sawn, waterproof and varnished before installation.

One of the most important points of this difference is that the long wood deck installation is a bit more complex.

As well as wood deck tile, long wood deck can be waterproofed and lacquered at the time of application so that they become durable and resistant.

But if your choice is for the models that are narrower and longer, you will also need professional help when installing.

Sometimes, as each unit comes apart, you may need a joiner to cut, nail, screw and install as desired.

This means more work and it will also be necessary to bear the costs of labor, so say experts.

The Beauty of Wood Deck Tiles for Decorations

The main types of Cumaru or Ipe deck tile form combinations with a perfect aesthetic for the most different decorative proposals, from rustic styles to modern trends.

Having deck tile in the most different parts of the property is a way to generate positive status and image.

The wood also serves to maintain the decking with a wonderful aesthetic, on a surface of varied shades of brown, bringing beauties that only the tropical nature may produce naturally.

Nowadays, the world’s leading deck tile manufacturers such as Indusparquet, for example, use only top quality raw material at production in reason of aesthetics and durability.

Many people have had or heard of anyone having problems with wood deck tiles, either because of installation, parts that are loose over time or fading to surface quickly.

But, this happens because of poor quality at flooring wood or manufacturing processes that convert trunk by tree to the floor.

However, today Indusparquet is already producing a modern engineering product that is resistant to all the unexpected in commercial or residential premises, with guarantee and quality of export.

With Indusparquet Cumaru or Ipe wood deck tile you are sure to have a product that stays perfect for long years.

Appearance of the best of wood deck tile types is like visual image by tree trunks, which in a sense resemble the aesthetic figures of the exuberant tropical nature.

The wood deck tile types have a warm and cozy tone, and can even make one decoration more comfortable on eyes of users and visitors.

Indusparquet premium wood deck tiles are made for prolonged use without worrying about scrubs, fungus or other harmful aspects that impair durability or aesthetic beauty at decorative proposal.

Products that last longer and will not get faded if maintenance is done properly.

Because of the high levels of Janka hardness in the most indicated types of wood deck tile (by Indusparquet), experts can say that it is a perfect choice for houses with constant presence of children playing together to pets and furniture dragged often.

Because of the exotic color blends of nature in each wood deck tile, it is possible to use such products onto compose different decorative proposals in commercial areas.

Install wood deck tile in environments such as living room, bedroom, hallways or other parts of the home that have contact with water.

You can install wood deck tile in the most different parts of the home, including in environments such as kitchens, service areas, or other places that are more susceptible to contact with water.

Leave the garden, pool areas and barbecue locations more comfortable and beautiful with Indusparquet wood deck tiles.

Sustainable Well-Managed Forests

There are a bunch of houses and apartments built at small areas, and there’s no space to install long decks, that is the main reason that increase a various number of customers by deck tiles.

With decking smaller the designers have more versatility to word at any kind of environment.

This kind of wood productions seems to be a best renovation with less prices to become simple place like the best areas residents and visitors.

But, yon may not buy any kind of wood deck tile just for price.

It is important know that the sources of decking are something from sustainable well-managed forests.

This way you might decorate your house without endangering the supply of wood for future generations.

Once you use Indusparquet wood deck tile can have assurance that there’s no chance to be a product with illegal wood.

All Indusparquet products are certificated according to Brazilian and internationals environment institutions, like IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources), for instance.

It can be installed up to any horizontal surface without problem, or even at unsightly cracked concrete or for elegant living place.

With just some hours you can install Ipe wood deck tiles and have professional’s results.

It is Time to Renovation Limited Space Areas

Designed for applications and spaces, wood deck tile is a perfect solution for install decking anywhere, since one simple patio up to a house built in the top of mountain.

It is a kind of semi-permanent deck once can be installed or uninstalled easily.

It seems to be best choice for varieties of restaurant, bar and others kind of commercial establishment.

Even limited areas can be more natural and inviting when have installed Ipe deck tile, one mixture of traditional hardwood decking with a modern decoration trend.

One absolut benefit is that combine of natural wood increase a charm with a form that you never cay nauseate.

Deck Tile Connectors

Have you already questioned a reason that wood deck tile is easier to install than others forms of decking?

The first reason is about the size. Once it has less measures and weight the word become easier, including for customers that does not have experience with this kind of installation.

Second reason, it represents the presence of deck tile connectors, one tool that also helps to install in concrete without needing a more complex structure onto drain the water.

Thanks to connector is easy connect any tile at floor to form different kinds of graphic design, with a perfect form even at horizontal, a system development withal adjustable screw-jack pedestal that make a part of best editions by wooden decking.

Very effortless to relay, rearrange and remove, to modify decoration or install in others places by construction.

There is no difficult to store or pull up, practically an item that can move alone.

So, to receive an invited you may install wood deck tile at barbecue area, and, in the next day, put is at garden to gain one area onto lectures or relaxation.

In this way, any people at your house can have an honor to enjoy a breathtaking at exterior houses, or a beautiful structure to welfare at internal.

A mixture by tropical hardwood species is completed when exist connectors at decking, versatile product that does not have to keeps out of graphic design. If something isn’t uniform is just adjust with connectors.

With a very good hard surface is so much simple to install at precisely form, as if you are a really specialist at this kind of installation.

This product can offer the same security as long wood decking editions, so any personal doesn’t have chance to slip or step at deck.

Each one of connector has just best materials, tested and approved according to main quality pattern to do not shows problems during time, a reason that justified why Ipe or Cumaru wood deck tiles are items that guarantee the safety.

These connectors can be found at different styles of colors to combine with wooden decking without aesthetic damage that unfeasible any decoration style.

The Results of Luxury and Facility

The best developers and architects united their force to product best editions of wood deck tiles, in offer at Indusparquet stories.

A good notice is that one premium product like that is produced with less impact of ecosystem.

Bathroom floors, basement, garage, walkways, balconies, any place can be more luxurious, without you wait for days, just few hours.

The luxury also covers installation process, once you can install without use tools, glue or nails, and there is no secret to put on connectors, even a child may do it too.

Easy to put, easier to remove – a reason than explained a little the reasons for success all around the world.

Certifications Indusparquet Wooden Deck Tiles

Indusparquet wood deck tiles has FSC certification (Forest Stewardship Council), a best warranty that no exist damage at Brazilian natural environment to production.

It seems to be a commercial grade done with responsibly, once this product may be verification for any people via FSC global system.

This decking gas silvery-gray patina, a thing that can secure real natural colors for long years.

So, with this production nice for environment, you can transform a dark concrete patio at one area that has just natural wood in form of premium decking, on just some fell hours. A durability and versality solution.

Number One European Luxury

For the beauty and functionality, you can see Indusparquet wood deck tiles at best European masons combine with trees, rivers, pool, and others natural sights.

When Ipe or Cumaru wood deck has contact with fire, sun and water does not show damage for resistance by grooves, that also help the power by anti-slip or separate outdoor living to other areas out of house.

All design of wood deck tiles considers the prime wood that combine with any type or decorations proposal without lose elegance, to commercial or residential applications.

With a modern style, it can combine at rustic, vintage and older decoration, but is very nice to modern places too.

For who do not dismiss luxurious preference a best solution for decking is Ipe and Cumaru wood deck tiles, that emphasize decoration design, simples to remove or replace according to user’s preferences.

The curve slots on each corner can help to fit it also at pedestal support – looks like a best choice really to compose wall coatings.

For European, the customers prefer to opt for two best type of wood deck tiles designs: staggered or straight style.

Places like California, in US, has more costume to use straight style, once it has appearance bay natural wooden.

Sometimes these customers event to do not apply finishing after installation onto intensify rustic size.

If you want something more modern can also find at Indusparquet wood deck tiles sizes others an option with more artistic points at center or borders.

You do not have to follow complicated instructions to have a perfect installation, be editions more rustic or modern, so much simple to set up perfectly.

At some editions by Indusparquet wood deck tile you can custom any part according with your preference.

Do not forget that, after put finishing, the wood seems to be darker, but nothing that harms living wood tones.

With corner reduces is still more easy to install, once this edition has clips that fix any unity itself.

So, install this deck is easier than any other tile. You can do it yourself!

But, before installation, you should plan the conditions of design, require including screws to install with a bunch of security a product that can during all life.

In this way, it is not necessary use preservative oil once Cumaru and Ipe already have natural preservation.

Ipe wood deck tiles is at offer with or no pedestal supports, very good to install, including at regular or irregular surfaces.

After installation you can enjoy a perfect decking, resistant against climates, that has a beautiful natural esthetic.

Overtime the color show a pleasurable silver gray,

How to Install Wood Deck Tile with no Pedestal?

The wood deck tile creates a warm, functional and easy to install decoration.

Wooden decks are a great solution to anyone looking for practicality and versatility.

Easy to assemble, they allow to create differentiated designs, bring warmth to internal and external environments and even facilitate small reforms, since the material can be reused.

Because it does not require specialized manpower and allows, it may be done by do-it-yourself technique. This deck is a great example of a smart solution for finishing indoor and outdoor environments.

The color and texture by wood create a distinctive and cozy finish, displaying a natural beauty that generates a feeling of comfort and refinement.

Even if you are not the professional who will install wood deck tile it is important to know the basics of installation instructions to at least do a survey at the end.

Choose the size and material that best suits your project;

Calculate the correct amount of wood deck tile for your project with the help of Parts Calculator – you can find it online.

Items: Varnish or Stain specific to deck, pencil, angle cutter, circular saw or saw, drill, square, wood sanding paper, brush, screws, bushings and screwdriver.

Before you begin: Ensure that the decks are stored in a dry, airy place to prevent them from bending.

Make sure that the subfloor for the installation of decks is level and clean.

Preparation: Apply varnish or stain to the deck tile completely, including parts that will contact the subfloor.

Wait to dry.

Then apply two more layers of varnish, waiting for the drying time. Repeat this procedure with the edges.

Position: Delimit installation location and position the wood deck tile on it. If necessary, use circular saw to make cuts.

Place the edges around the wood decks.

Mark the drill locations at edges and subfloor: 1 hole every 50 cm.

If it is necessary to make cuts for corners of the edges, use a box with angled cut.

Drilling: At the marking locations, drill the edges with a specific drill for wood.

With a specific drill for the counter floor, drill it in place between marking and wood deck tile (+ or – 2 cm of marking) and fit bushings.

Stick the counter floor.

Fixation: Position the edges again and tighten them.

Apply wood dough to the edge joints and over bolted locations onto cover bolt head. Wait to dry.

Cap the screws.

Apply again varnish or stain over places that received the wood dough at edges. Wait to dry and you’re done!

How to install Wood Deck Tile with Pedestal?

For one size is more expensive than version with no pedestal. This structure is good also to install at irregular place, once you can adjust according to your needs.

Basically, you may follow all points to install deck tile without pedestal, but should measure the uneven floor and regularize after putting any tile side by side.

As you should know, this support is a good solution to slop compensation, good to install without concerns about soil regulation, providing an easier installation.

Why Use Indusparquet Wood Deck Tile?

Decking tile are wood strips bolted to a high resistance wooden base (different brands may present different materials and systems, but it is the most accepted form of this product).

Indusparquet deck tile features an intelligent docking system, keeping the wood at a level above ground, extending its life and facilitating the cleaning and drainage of water.

The transport is easy and its installation simpler, allowing different decorative compositions.

Perhaps the best news about wood deck tile is the fact that you do not have to be a carpenter to install, you can do it yourself (which leaves the process more economical).

The boards are easily transported and docked (without requiring the use of specific tools).

With Indusparquet wooden deck tile you can make quick changes by reforming the space easily.

This combines with various other coatings (such as interlocking blocks, cement flooring, white pebbles, etc.).

If you want to mount it in another property can do, without problem.

The lumber in Indusparquet wooden products is treated and weather resistant.

It is even possible to park a car on the plates (see specifications of each product) due to the quality in materials of Indusparquet decking.

Another point that justifies the purchase: Because of the ease of reuse is considered ecologically correct. Usually made from reforestation woods.

Indusparquet Wood Deck Tile: Where to Use?

Indoor: balconies, winter gardens, game rooms and grills, bathrooms or spas, etc.

Square decks are especially suitable for balconies because there is already a flat floor counter perfect for your application.

The unevenness between the internal and external environments generally allows a good visual finish, leveling the balcony with internal rooms of residence.

For those who live in an apartment, the finish of the wood allows the creation of a place, comfortable and cozy.

Remember that in this case, wood deck tile can be easily carried by the ladder or elevator and its installation done by you.

It is also very suitable for those who have a rented property, because can take the material when you move.

Brazilian deck tile values ​​the ladder, composing with decorative objects and texture of apparent brick from wall.

Outdoor: Swimming pools, balconies and landscaping.

The Indusparquet decking combine with interlocking blocks, stone floors, porcelain tiles, white pebbles, pine bark and grass.

Another tip is to alternate your placement to get designs on the floor.

Remember that: If the design initially chosen does not look attractive, you can change everything in a few hours.

Contrasting wood with metals is another tip: wood is a hot element, while metal seems to be cold. Together they create a stimulating composition.

Questions and Answers: Indusparquet Deking

We have put together some important and popular questions among people with a desire to buy wood deck tile by Ipe or Cumaru:

Is it easy to clean? Yes, the base allows air circulation between the deck and the floor, allowing water to flow.

Is it possible to make cutouts? But of course, in a professional way.

What surfaces can be installed? On any type of floor, only being necessary that it is flat and resistant.

Is it slippery? Texture by natural wood too, it’s not a slippery product.

What is the durability? As wood has high strength, the shelf life of the decks is generally over 50 years (provided that the customer performs indicated maintenance).

How to finish the edges? It is possible to cut modular deck using a saw. So, finishing areas that require cutouts will be perfect.

If you do not want to cut, can use white stones or pine bark, for example, to make the side finishing in a simple and easy way.

Maintenance Tips: Cumaru or Ipe Wood Deck Tile

One of the elements by decoration that gradually earned its space, in an elegant and charming way, is wooden tile decking.

The wooden deck is a model made of interwoven woods, and designed for use on indoor or outdoor floors, such as balconies, swimming pools and recreation areas.

It can be mounted in large or small spaces through a very simple and practical installation.

In addition, the wooden tile deck offers the environments a characteristic charm of wood, which is a material widely used to create sophisticated and very modern environments.

And its use offers comfort to the feet, mainly for a pleasant relaxation at balcony after a day of work, and still emphasizes the beauty and value of property.

In addition to being very practical to install, the wooden decks are coatings that are easy to store and clean, which maintains a very accented charm over years.

Analysis: First analyze the entire structure of the deck to know its current state.

Wood must be inspected for cracks, signs of moisture and even wear; the condition of bolts, such as rust or gaps; and attached structures like stairs and beams.

If encounter serious problems, you will need to call an area professional onto make the necessary repairs.

Clean: Then begin cleaning the wooden deck, which should be done both on the surface, and in cracks and gaps, which end up accumulating dirt over years.

This cleaning is done with a broom or vacuum cleaner, serves to remove solid waste and easy to detect.

Liquids: Use water and neutral detergent to clean minor impurities, which end up lodged in all wood.

In some cases, a specific product can be used to clean the decking, such as Stain, a wood brightener that can be applied according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Pressure washers can help with this task because they have nozzles suitable for cleaning on small surfaces, and they also have a water mixing container with cleaning products.

But be careful to only use products suitable for wood cleaning, and do not apply too much pressure on the wood tile deck to avoid damages.

Finishing: Special varnish can be applied, and will help prevent the appearance of mold on the wooden decks.

Here the tip is to apply varnish every three years, or do a water test.

If you throw some water on the wood and be quickly absorbed it is necessary to apply a new layer of varnish on every tile decking.

Buy Indusparquet Wood Deck Tile: Cumaru or Ipe Brazilian Decking

Indusparquet is the best manufacturer at world of Cumaru and Ipe wood tile decking, products composed by state-of-the-art engineering, submitted to most different processes onto maintain quality always above 5 stars.

The Brazilian brand exports to more than 50 different countries the best Cumaru and Ipe wood tile, or other types of wooden tiles and flooring, products produced with a first world technology.

Each wood selected to be part of the raw materials of Indusparquet at sense of producing wood tile deck by singular quality, which lasts years without losing the technical characteristics.

You also can be a benefited person by using best tropical wood tile deck in the world.

If you are decorator make a good surprise for your clients with the best choice in the world on wood deck flooring.

To order the best options by Indusparquet Cumaru and Ipe wood deck tile send an email: “guilherme.giffoni@indusparquet.com.br”, or call 55-31-99826-4871.

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