Why Cumaru or Ipe Wood Deck Tile are The Best of World?

Have you already known why wood deck tile by Cumaru or Ipe are the best? Look at this article to understand answers about this topic.

Cumaru and Ipe wood deck tile are well-known like good solution to install at outdoor or indoor decorations, very nice for texture that increase charm presence on color mixture with hardness that just this kind of material may offer to homes, apartments, holidays club, religious temples and other constructions.

Wood deck tile sounds like a good idea to make any outdoor living like a best place inside of home, with a sophistication that can charm any user for singular esthetic.

Any people that may admire wood deck tile installed can imagine it is so hard to install. But, once you choose best options, like Indusparquet products, so installation can be easier, because any tile has modern engineering to facility setup.

The wood deck tile is very easy to install, and there’s no very cost time, many or even excess of dirty.

Facility to install is not the only one reason for you buy Indusparquet wood deck tiles, a natural product that valorize any room’s decorations. Yes, your home gets more appreciation when have wood deck tiles by Cumaru or Ipe.

Roof, balcony, patios, barbecue area or pool zones, it does not matter, any place that have Cumaru Ipe wood deck tiles may be more beautiful and gain a genuinely decoration worthy of being a part by best covers of magazines.

In the sets form of square plates by most different sizes that fit together during installation. A very popular product in the international market, mainly the United States.

Main Benefits of Indusparquet Wood Deck Tiles

  • Flexible with any kind of decoration proposal;
  • Easier to install;
  • Very options to choose textures;
  • Dynamic looking surface;
  • Resilience and durability for more than 50 years;
  • There is no necessity to make professional cleaning every day;
  • It can be install including concrete patios;
  • 100% natural;
  • It has between 50-60% more cost-effective in comparison to plastic materials;
  • Composition of Ipe, Cumaru or others hardness wood;
  • Very years without professional maintenance;
  • Perfect to install inside and offside of constructions;
  • Easier to install;
  • Resistant against fire and cigarette marks;
  • Material by sustainable Well-Managed Forests;
  • Tile connector elevates tiles for drying airflow;
  • Shows a little that tropical wood can offer by natural decoration;
  • Extremely beautiful, durable and low maintenance;
  • Resistance against wood rot, termites, fungus, mildew and mold;
  • You might install at any place imagined.

The Best Wood to Wood Deck Tile Construction: Cumaru

Cumaru is one of the best woods at world to build wood deck tiles.

Brazilian teak Cumaru has a brownish color that gets darker with passing of time.

Good news: The dark tone is less likely to present as wear marks when comparing to lighter colors.

Deck Cumaru is a brilliant product, an exotic blend of colors that represent a bit of the lush natural brands by South America.

Truth be told: No one American wood or found at forests of North America comes close to the hardness and stamina by Cumaru.

As a Cumaru wood has chances of drying or rolling during the manufacturing process, manufacturers produce wood deck tile at artificially dry manner.

Cumaru wood (Scientific name: Dipteryx odorata), from the Fabaceae family, originates in the Brazilian forests of Atlantic Forest and Amazônia region.

Besides Brazil, it also has presence on other countries of Latin American.

Cumaru decks have a natural heart of light brown with a bit of yellow, a combination that provides shine and enhances aesthetic beauty

According to the Brazilian regions, the types of Cumaru wood may have different names, for instance:

  • Ipe Cumaru decking;
  • Muirapapé decking;
  • Cumbaru ferro decking;
  • Cumbaru decking;
  • Cumaru Roxo decking;
  • Cumaru Rosa decking;
  • Cumaru Ferro decking;
  • Cumaru Amazonas decking;
  • Baru decking;
  • Camaru Ferro decking;
  • Cambaru decking;
  • Cambaru Ferro decking;
  • Cumaru Amarelo decking;
  • Canga de Boi decking;
  • Cambaru Roxo decking;
  • Emburama brava decking;
  • Cambaru ferro decking;
  • Champagne decking;
  • Cumaru verdadeiro decking;
  • Cumaru da Folha Grande decking;
  • Cumaru Escuro decking;
  • Cumarurana decking;
  • Cumaruzinho decking;
  • Cumbari decking.

Ipe: The Best Wood to Wood Deck Tile Construction

Considered the best type of wood for decking or flooring. Ipe has similar tones to Cumaru, although it is a bit darker.

Ipe wood has a scientific name: Handroanthus serrafolius. It belongs to the Bignoniaceae family.

Although all the best types of hardwoods are resistant to fungal and insect attacks, it can be said that no species compares to Ipe wood, a product that ensures less costs and more benefits at long run.

The scientific studies of the world’s most renowned universities indicate that Ipe wood has superior durability in contact with the soil, even to buildings established near the coastal areas.

Ipe wood color: brown with yellowish or greenish reflections, a mixture of wild tones that fit in rustic decorative proposals.

Ipe is a natural product of the Brazilian regions: North, Northeast and Center West.

Far from being on the list of endangered timber, Ipe is one Brazilian raw materials exported to manufacture of wood floors.

Ipe deck tile also have different names depending on location in Brazil or other parts of South American continent:

All these species of noble logs, such as Cumaru and Ipe, are present on the shelves of Indusparquet, the best and most credited wooden decking manufacturer.

In this way, if it is composed of one by these types of wood and represents one of the most varied Indusparquet options, you can be sure to have a product of long validity, whether for commercial or residential uses.

You might find Ipe deck tiles with others common names like:

  • Ipe amarelo decking;
  • Dente de cão decking;
  • Ipe amarelo decking;
  • Ipe amarelo tabaco decking.

Difference Between Unfinished and Finished Wood Deck Tiles

Unfinished Wood Deck Tiles: It is a decking that does not have any finishing with products like oils and varnish.

An advantage is one point in favor to rustic decorations. The natural color by Cumaru and Ipe has more durability.

Finished Wood Deck Tiles: Instead of unfinished, the finished wood deck tile has finishing applied after the installation. So, you must wait dry for somedays before of use.

The original tons of wood can be darker for reactions by contact between varnished and natural or artificial light.

But, an advantage is resistance against attrition and abrasion, so it can have more year by glare.

After some years, you can reapply products to finishing after shaving wood.

Difference Between Traditional Long Decking and Wood Deck Tiles

When it comes to thinking about the home exterior remodeling project, decking is always a great option onto reconcile functionality with beauty in the garden or pool.

This is because, on the one hand, decks leave the environment charming and cozy, but are also non-slip, resistant to humidity, sun or rain.

However, those who want to take advantage of these benefits at home may have some difficulty at the time of purchase, as this result can be achieved with two different materials: traditional wood long deck and wood deck tile.

After all, what changes in the finish, how to install and take care of each other?

The result may be the same, but traditional wood long deck and wood deck tile are two very distinct things.

The main difference is in size: the wood deck tiles are square and available in measures like 20x20cm, 30x30cm and 45x45cm.

One thing that few people know is that, in addition to the outside area, the wood deck tile can also be used as a non-slip pit decking.

Wood deck tile is super easy to clean, sturdy and can even add a special touch to your bathroom decor.

On the other hand, traditional long deck is larger and can be found in both rectangular shapes, measuring 40x100cm or 55x120cm, as well as with a longer and narrower finish.

Deck tile materials can vary between wood and plastic. At the time of purchase, you can find in two versions: 100% wood or with mixed wood and plastic.

Undoubtedly, the composition with only wood is the best choice in terms of durability, aesthetics, safety, among other aspects.

Wood is more expensive, but at the same time has a quality of super resistant, can be sawn, waterproof and varnished before installation.

One of the most important points of this difference is that the long wood deck installation is a bit more complex.

As well as wood deck tile, long wood deck can be waterproofed and lacquered at the time of application so that they become durable and resistant.

But if your choice is for the models that are narrower and longer, you will also need professional help when installing.

Sometimes, as each unit comes apart, you may need a joiner to cut, nail, screw and install as desired.

This means more work and it will also be necessary to bear the costs of labor, so say experts.

The Beauty of Wood Deck Tiles for Decorations

The main types of Cumaru or Ipe deck tile form combinations with a perfect aesthetic for the most different decorative proposals, from rustic styles to modern trends.

Having deck tile in the most different parts of the property is a way to generate positive status and image.

The wood also serves to maintain the decking with a wonderful aesthetic, on a surface of varied shades of brown, bringing beauties that only the tropical nature may produce naturally.

Nowadays, the world’s leading deck tile manufacturers such as Indusparquet, for example, use only top quality raw material at production in reason of aesthetics and durability.

Many people have had or heard of anyone having problems with wood deck tiles, either because of installation, parts that are loose over time or fading to surface quickly.

But, this happens because of poor quality at flooring wood or manufacturing processes that convert trunk by tree to the floor.

However, today Indusparquet is already producing a modern engineering product that is resistant to all the unexpected in commercial or residential premises, with guarantee and quality of export.

With Indusparquet Cumaru or Ipe wood deck tile you are sure to have a product that stays perfect for long years.

Appearance of the best of wood deck tile types is like visual image by tree trunks, which in a sense resemble the aesthetic figures of the exuberant tropical nature.

The wood deck tile types have a warm and cozy tone, and can even make one decoration more comfortable on eyes of users and visitors.

Indusparquet premium wood deck tiles are made for prolonged use without worrying about scrubs, fungus or other harmful aspects that impair durability or aesthetic beauty at decorative proposal.

Products that last longer and will not get faded if maintenance is done properly.

Because of the high levels of Janka hardness in the most indicated types of wood deck tile (by Indusparquet), experts can say that it is a perfect choice for houses with constant presence of children playing together to pets and furniture dragged often.

Because of the exotic color blends of nature in each wood deck tile, it is possible to use such products onto compose different decorative proposals in commercial areas.

Install wood deck tile in environments such as living room, bedroom, hallways or other parts of the home that have contact with water.

You can install wood deck tile in the most different parts of the home, including in environments such as kitchens, service areas, or other places that are more susceptible to contact with water.

Leave the garden, pool areas and barbecue locations more comfortable and beautiful with Indusparquet wood deck tiles.

Sustainable Well-Managed Forests

There are a bunch of houses and apartments built at small areas, and there’s no space to install long decks, that is the main reason that increase a various number of customers by deck tiles.

With decking smaller the designers have more versatility to word at any kind of environment.

This kind of wood productions seems to be a best renovation with less prices to become simple place like the best areas residents and visitors.

But, yon may not buy any kind of wood deck tile just for price.

It is important know that the sources of decking are something from sustainable well-managed forests.

This way you might decorate your house without endangering the supply of wood for future generations.

Once you use Indusparquet wood deck tile can have assurance that there’s no chance to be a product with illegal wood.

All Indusparquet products are certificated according to Brazilian and internationals environment institutions, like IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources), for instance.

It can be installed up to any horizontal surface without problem, or even at unsightly cracked concrete or for elegant living place.

With just some hours you can install Ipe wood deck tiles and have professional’s results.

It is Time to Renovation Limited Space Areas

Designed for applications and spaces, wood deck tile is a perfect solution for install decking anywhere, since one simple patio up to a house built in the top of mountain.

It is a kind of semi-permanent deck once can be installed or uninstalled easily.

It seems to be best choice for varieties of restaurant, bar and others kind of commercial establishment.

Even limited areas can be more natural and inviting when have installed Ipe deck tile, one mixture of traditional hardwood decking with a modern decoration trend.

One absolut benefit is that combine of natural wood increase a charm with a form that you never cay nauseate.

Deck Tile Connectors

Have you already questioned a reason that wood deck tile is easier to install than others forms of decking?

The first reason is about the size. Once it has less measures and weight the word become easier, including for customers that does not have experience with this kind of installation.

Second reason, it represents the presence of deck tile connectors, one tool that also helps to install in concrete without needing a more complex structure onto drain the water.

Thanks to connector is easy connect any tile at floor to form different kinds of graphic design, with a perfect form even at horizontal, a system development withal adjustable screw-jack pedestal that make a part of best editions by wooden decking.

Very effortless to relay, rearrange and remove, to modify decoration or install in others places by construction.

There is no difficult to store or pull up, practically an item that can move alone.

So, to receive an invited you may install wood deck tile at barbecue area, and, in the next day, put is at garden to gain one area onto lectures or relaxation.

In this way, any people at your house can have an honor to enjoy a breathtaking at exterior houses, or a beautiful structure to welfare at internal.

A mixture by tropical hardwood species is completed when exist connectors at decking, versatile product that does not have to keeps out of graphic design. If something isn’t uniform is just adjust with connectors.

With a very good hard surface is so much simple to install at precisely form, as if you are a really specialist at this kind of installation.

This product can offer the same security as long wood decking editions, so any personal doesn’t have chance to slip or step at deck.

Each one of connector has just best materials, tested and approved according to main quality pattern to do not shows problems during time, a reason that justified why Ipe or Cumaru wood deck tiles are items that guarantee the safety.

These connectors can be found at different styles of colors to combine with wooden decking without aesthetic damage that unfeasible any decoration style.

The Results of Luxury and Facility

The best developers and architects united their force to product best editions of wood deck tiles, in offer at Indusparquet stories.

A good notice is that one premium product like that is produced with less impact of ecosystem.

Bathroom floors, basement, garage, walkways, balconies, any place can be more luxurious, without you wait for days, just few hours.

The luxury also covers installation process, once you can install without use tools, glue or nails, and there is no secret to put on connectors, even a child may do it too.

Easy to put, easier to remove – a reason than explained a little the reasons for success all around the world.

Certifications Indusparquet Wooden Deck Tiles

Indusparquet wood deck tiles has FSC certification (Forest Stewardship Council), a best warranty that no exist damage at Brazilian natural environment to production.

It seems to be a commercial grade done with responsibly, once this product may be verification for any people via FSC global system.

This decking gas silvery-gray patina, a thing that can secure real natural colors for long years.

So, with this production nice for environment, you can transform a dark concrete patio at one area that has just natural wood in form of premium decking, on just some fell hours. A durability and versality solution.

Number One European Luxury

For the beauty and functionality, you can see Indusparquet wood deck tiles at best European masons combine with trees, rivers, pool, and others natural sights.

When Ipe or Cumaru wood deck has contact with fire, sun and water does not show damage for resistance by grooves, that also help the power by anti-slip or separate outdoor living to other areas out of house.

All design of wood deck tiles considers the prime wood that combine with any type or decorations proposal without lose elegance, to commercial or residential applications.

With a modern style, it can combine at rustic, vintage and older decoration, but is very nice to modern places too.

For who do not dismiss luxurious preference a best solution for decking is Ipe and Cumaru wood deck tiles, that emphasize decoration design, simples to remove or replace according to user’s preferences.

The curve slots on each corner can help to fit it also at pedestal support – looks like a best choice really to compose wall coatings.

For European, the customers prefer to opt for two best type of wood deck tiles designs: staggered or straight style.

Places like California, in US, has more costume to use straight style, once it has appearance bay natural wooden.

Sometimes these customers event to do not apply finishing after installation onto intensify rustic size.

If you want something more modern can also find at Indusparquet wood deck tiles sizes others an option with more artistic points at center or borders.

You do not have to follow complicated instructions to have a perfect installation, be editions more rustic or modern, so much simple to set up perfectly.

At some editions by Indusparquet wood deck tile you can custom any part according with your preference.

Do not forget that, after put finishing, the wood seems to be darker, but nothing that harms living wood tones.

With corner reduces is still more easy to install, once this edition has clips that fix any unity itself.

So, install this deck is easier than any other tile. You can do it yourself!

But, before installation, you should plan the conditions of design, require including screws to install with a bunch of security a product that can during all life.

In this way, it is not necessary use preservative oil once Cumaru and Ipe already have natural preservation.

Ipe wood deck tiles is at offer with or no pedestal supports, very good to install, including at regular or irregular surfaces.

After installation you can enjoy a perfect decking, resistant against climates, that has a beautiful natural esthetic.

Overtime the color show a pleasurable silver gray,

How to Install Wood Deck Tile with no Pedestal?

The wood deck tile creates a warm, functional and easy to install decoration.

Wooden decks are a great solution to anyone looking for practicality and versatility.

Easy to assemble, they allow to create differentiated designs, bring warmth to internal and external environments and even facilitate small reforms, since the material can be reused.

Because it does not require specialized manpower and allows, it may be done by do-it-yourself technique. This deck is a great example of a smart solution for finishing indoor and outdoor environments.

The color and texture by wood create a distinctive and cozy finish, displaying a natural beauty that generates a feeling of comfort and refinement.

Even if you are not the professional who will install wood deck tile it is important to know the basics of installation instructions to at least do a survey at the end.

Choose the size and material that best suits your project;

Calculate the correct amount of wood deck tile for your project with the help of Parts Calculator – you can find it online.

Items: Varnish or Stain specific to deck, pencil, angle cutter, circular saw or saw, drill, square, wood sanding paper, brush, screws, bushings and screwdriver.

Before you begin: Ensure that the decks are stored in a dry, airy place to prevent them from bending.

Make sure that the subfloor for the installation of decks is level and clean.

Preparation: Apply varnish or stain to the deck tile completely, including parts that will contact the subfloor.

Wait to dry.

Then apply two more layers of varnish, waiting for the drying time. Repeat this procedure with the edges.

Position: Delimit installation location and position the wood deck tile on it. If necessary, use circular saw to make cuts.

Place the edges around the wood decks.

Mark the drill locations at edges and subfloor: 1 hole every 50 cm.

If it is necessary to make cuts for corners of the edges, use a box with angled cut.

Drilling: At the marking locations, drill the edges with a specific drill for wood.

With a specific drill for the counter floor, drill it in place between marking and wood deck tile (+ or – 2 cm of marking) and fit bushings.

Stick the counter floor.

Fixation: Position the edges again and tighten them.

Apply wood dough to the edge joints and over bolted locations onto cover bolt head. Wait to dry.

Cap the screws.

Apply again varnish or stain over places that received the wood dough at edges. Wait to dry and you’re done!

How to install Wood Deck Tile with Pedestal?

For one size is more expensive than version with no pedestal. This structure is good also to install at irregular place, once you can adjust according to your needs.

Basically, you may follow all points to install deck tile without pedestal, but should measure the uneven floor and regularize after putting any tile side by side.

As you should know, this support is a good solution to slop compensation, good to install without concerns about soil regulation, providing an easier installation.

Why Use Indusparquet Wood Deck Tile?

Decking tile are wood strips bolted to a high resistance wooden base (different brands may present different materials and systems, but it is the most accepted form of this product).

Indusparquet deck tile features an intelligent docking system, keeping the wood at a level above ground, extending its life and facilitating the cleaning and drainage of water.

The transport is easy and its installation simpler, allowing different decorative compositions.

Perhaps the best news about wood deck tile is the fact that you do not have to be a carpenter to install, you can do it yourself (which leaves the process more economical).

The boards are easily transported and docked (without requiring the use of specific tools).

With Indusparquet wooden deck tile you can make quick changes by reforming the space easily.

This combines with various other coatings (such as interlocking blocks, cement flooring, white pebbles, etc.).

If you want to mount it in another property can do, without problem.

The lumber in Indusparquet wooden products is treated and weather resistant.

It is even possible to park a car on the plates (see specifications of each product) due to the quality in materials of Indusparquet decking.

Another point that justifies the purchase: Because of the ease of reuse is considered ecologically correct. Usually made from reforestation woods.

Indusparquet Wood Deck Tile: Where to Use?

Indoor: balconies, winter gardens, game rooms and grills, bathrooms or spas, etc.

Square decks are especially suitable for balconies because there is already a flat floor counter perfect for your application.

The unevenness between the internal and external environments generally allows a good visual finish, leveling the balcony with internal rooms of residence.

For those who live in an apartment, the finish of the wood allows the creation of a place, comfortable and cozy.

Remember that in this case, wood deck tile can be easily carried by the ladder or elevator and its installation done by you.

It is also very suitable for those who have a rented property, because can take the material when you move.

Brazilian deck tile values ​​the ladder, composing with decorative objects and texture of apparent brick from wall.

Outdoor: Swimming pools, balconies and landscaping.

The Indusparquet decking combine with interlocking blocks, stone floors, porcelain tiles, white pebbles, pine bark and grass.

Another tip is to alternate your placement to get designs on the floor.

Remember that: If the design initially chosen does not look attractive, you can change everything in a few hours.

Contrasting wood with metals is another tip: wood is a hot element, while metal seems to be cold. Together they create a stimulating composition.

Questions and Answers: Indusparquet Deking

We have put together some important and popular questions among people with a desire to buy wood deck tile by Ipe or Cumaru:

Is it easy to clean? Yes, the base allows air circulation between the deck and the floor, allowing water to flow.

Is it possible to make cutouts? But of course, in a professional way.

What surfaces can be installed? On any type of floor, only being necessary that it is flat and resistant.

Is it slippery? Texture by natural wood too, it’s not a slippery product.

What is the durability? As wood has high strength, the shelf life of the decks is generally over 50 years (provided that the customer performs indicated maintenance).

How to finish the edges? It is possible to cut modular deck using a saw. So, finishing areas that require cutouts will be perfect.

If you do not want to cut, can use white stones or pine bark, for example, to make the side finishing in a simple and easy way.

Maintenance Tips: Cumaru or Ipe Wood Deck Tile

One of the elements by decoration that gradually earned its space, in an elegant and charming way, is wooden tile decking.

The wooden deck is a model made of interwoven woods, and designed for use on indoor or outdoor floors, such as balconies, swimming pools and recreation areas.

It can be mounted in large or small spaces through a very simple and practical installation.

In addition, the wooden tile deck offers the environments a characteristic charm of wood, which is a material widely used to create sophisticated and very modern environments.

And its use offers comfort to the feet, mainly for a pleasant relaxation at balcony after a day of work, and still emphasizes the beauty and value of property.

In addition to being very practical to install, the wooden decks are coatings that are easy to store and clean, which maintains a very accented charm over years.

Analysis: First analyze the entire structure of the deck to know its current state.

Wood must be inspected for cracks, signs of moisture and even wear; the condition of bolts, such as rust or gaps; and attached structures like stairs and beams.

If encounter serious problems, you will need to call an area professional onto make the necessary repairs.

Clean: Then begin cleaning the wooden deck, which should be done both on the surface, and in cracks and gaps, which end up accumulating dirt over years.

This cleaning is done with a broom or vacuum cleaner, serves to remove solid waste and easy to detect.

Liquids: Use water and neutral detergent to clean minor impurities, which end up lodged in all wood.

In some cases, a specific product can be used to clean the decking, such as Stain, a wood brightener that can be applied according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Pressure washers can help with this task because they have nozzles suitable for cleaning on small surfaces, and they also have a water mixing container with cleaning products.

But be careful to only use products suitable for wood cleaning, and do not apply too much pressure on the wood tile deck to avoid damages.

Finishing: Special varnish can be applied, and will help prevent the appearance of mold on the wooden decks.

Here the tip is to apply varnish every three years, or do a water test.

If you throw some water on the wood and be quickly absorbed it is necessary to apply a new layer of varnish on every tile decking.

Buy Indusparquet Wood Deck Tile: Cumaru or Ipe Brazilian Decking

Indusparquet is the best manufacturer at world of Cumaru and Ipe wood tile decking, products composed by state-of-the-art engineering, submitted to most different processes onto maintain quality always above 5 stars.

The Brazilian brand exports to more than 50 different countries the best Cumaru and Ipe wood tile, or other types of wooden tiles and flooring, products produced with a first world technology.

Each wood selected to be part of the raw materials of Indusparquet at sense of producing wood tile deck by singular quality, which lasts years without losing the technical characteristics.

You also can be a benefited person by using best tropical wood tile deck in the world.

If you are decorator make a good surprise for your clients with the best choice in the world on wood deck flooring.

To order the best options by Indusparquet Cumaru and Ipe wood deck tile send an email: “guilherme.giffoni@indusparquet.com.br”, or call 55-31-99826-4871.

Hardwood Decking: Ipe Decking and Cumaru Brazilian Teak

In this post you may comprehend all characteristics about best hardwood decking of the world, Cumaru and Ipe Brazilian wood.

Hardwood Decking is an indispensable wood product for houses that have luxury and rustic proposal decorations. With this item any outdoor and indoor environment can offer more comfort sensations to users.

As you should know, Hardwood Decking to be of very quality must have the best wood in composition. And prime wooden materials for this kind of product are called: Ipe and Cumaru.

Ipe Decking and Cumaru Brazilian Teak are solid products, that have a premium defense against insect attacks, rotting fungi or other problems which damage wood structures.

Brown, red, green and a little are combinations of wonderful Ipe and Cumaru decking tones.

At this article you will understand mysterious and secrets that become Ipe Decking and Cumaru Brazilian Teak like best hardwood decking of the world.

Ipe Wood

Some important characteristics of Ipe wood: without odor or taste, yellow sapwood, dark olive greenish, sometimes dark brown, threaded granulation and medium texture.

You can use Ipe wood for material to build decking, flooring, civil construction, door frames and highly resistant, excellent for drilling or sandblasting.

The wood has a high density, with 13% humidity and 1,103 kg / m 3, the greenest species is 1,315 kg / m 3, it dries quickly in oven or outdoors.

Ipe has dark olive-brown or dark olive, usually uniform, sometimes with greenish reflections due to the presence of the lapachol substance; distinct from the pale-yellow sapwood.

Grana grains, medium texture, moderate or absent brightness, depending on the species, characteristic smell and indistinct taste.

The characteristics of heavy wood with a density of 12%, moisture of 1,050 kg / m 3 and a green density of 1,300 kg / m 3 are highlighted.

Very easy to air dry. When well-wrought, it dries quickly and without defeats. Fast and easy drying in greenhouses, presenting feeds and light cracks.

In characteristics of workability, Ipe requires the act of regulating to flatten, good for sanding and excellent for turning and boring. Pre-drilling is recommended for nailing and screwing. Good workmanship.

Highly resistant to fungi and termites, it is also for this reason that it represents the best material in the world to build architectural products for outdoor environments, which are often subject onto effects of weather.

An obstruction of the pores, by oil-resin and linden, makes wood impermeable in preservative solutions, even under pressure.

Ipe wood represents a better choice for use in places near the ocean or beach, without suffering for actions of moisture.

For these and others, we have many large residences in Miami, we are terraces, balconies, gardens, BBQ areas or rooms within a house.

It is already an organic and natural product, before installation of the installers study the environment to know everything about ventilation, drying and spacing suitable to install Ipe decking.

Colors of Ipe Wood

Ipe decking is recognized as one of the most durable wood products on planet earth.

The tones vary from olive brown to dark brown. For this reason, it can often be called in market for smooth decking.

For the above-average hardness Ipe is at top of South America’s Ironwood list, an inviting alternative to PVC or other low strength composite products.

You can find Ipe Hardwood decking in two versions: Greenhouse dry or outdoors, designed to fit perfectly in most different special areas.

The main botanical names of Ipe wood are:

  • Tabebuia spp
  • Tabebuia spp Bignoniaceae.
  • T serratifolia (Vahl.) Nichols.
  • T ochraceae (Charn.) Bureau.
  • T longifolia (Bureau) Standl.
  • T incana A. Gentry.
  • T impetiginosa (Mart. ex DC.) Standl.
  • Pau-d’arco-amarelo.
  • Pau-d’arco.
  • Ipê-amarelo.

Ipe wood has Janka of 3,788 lbs, simply three times harder than oak. There are approximately 23,563 psi. Density of 1.04 g / cm 3, further, sinks in water.

The Ipe wood grain is extremely dense and tight, present in wavy and straight form, with a superior resistance to slippage. It has no preservatives or chemical treatments.

This is a dry wood easily, without the need to worry about cracking or deformation. There is almost no shrinkage after installation.

A Beautiful Introduction to Ipe Decking Explications

Ipe wood is known as the most indicated in sense of building decking or other luxury architectural structures that need a lot of resistance to be able to last for many years without presenting visual or safety aesthetics.

Ipe wood deck has a guaranteed presence on the covers or in matters of magazines specialized in architecture and decoration.

For this reason, you do not need to walk far onto find homes made up by Ipe decking.

Just visit some of White House rooms, the best and most luxurious Las Vegas casinos, historic California resorts and other luxurious venues in or outside the United States.

Regardless of where it’s installed, Ipe Hardwood Decking is 10 times harder than other traditional American woods: California Redwood, for example.

This is a product that has much less costs and more benefits to end users.

Because of the features presented in this article you can easily notice that Ipe Brazilian decking is a best choice at world to Hardwood decking,

Timber manufacturers are those that are produced by raw material extracted from the forests of South America within a sustainable system, without endangering as new sources for future generations.

Indusparquet decking by Ipe or Cumaru wood is considered the most reliable product to be imported from Brazil, mainly for certificates that this Brazilian brand has in sustainability terms.

Ipe Hardwood Decking to Value the House

No other Hardwood decking represents a more ideal solution than Ipe decking, it lasts for long without damage to surface.

Any place that has the experience of having Ipe Hardwood decking installed gets more valued in furniture market, it does possess an extra environment gain without need for time-consuming renovations to complete.

Among the platforms systems for decking there’s no a better choice at world than Ipe Hardwood decking, naturally hard, tough and wonderful.

It features an extensive list of colors and combinations, so no environment with Ipe Hardwood decking stays the same, but all remain beautiful and stable for many dozen years.

Enjoy the full spectrum of multi-tone brown colors with gorgeous grain variations, simply the classic wood you’ve always dreamed of having in your home or business.

The Ipê wood in form of decking presents exotic and natural textures. In this way you may think that your living room has a part of Amazon rainforest.

By being very hard and stable, Ipe decking has a special resistance against kinks, shifts, breaks or other problems.

Because of the fire resistance, Ipe Hardwood decking represents a great choice for environments close to grills, chimneys or smoking areas (resistant against cigars and cigarette).

The beauty of Ipê wood allows development by several types of coverings for interior or exterior decorations.

Large or small boats, holiday clubs, religious temples, podiums on public squares, in short, the versatility of Ipe decking is a brand that values different places.

Ipe wood tile (special forms of Ipe decking) is available in various colors. This offers a natural look with twice the hardness of composite plastic.

In conclusion, Ipe Hardwood decking is a wonderful choice that lasts for many years, it causes envy and admiration of all the people around.

Key Benefits: Ipe Hardwood Decking

Below you will learn the main advantages of using Ipe decking in homes, offices, swimming pools, Turkish baths, among other indoor and outdoor locations:

  • A product that you spend more time enjoying than cleaning and doing maintenance;
  • It creates an additional environment in the house in which as memories pass through several generations of the family;
  • Once you use Ipe Hardwood Decking you can be sure that there are no chemicals in the wood;
  • Resistance against fire;
  • Users do not care about insect and fungus attacks;
  • It does not cause decay;
  • With a hardness higher than any other type of wood, Ipe Hardwood decking withstands the most adverse weather conditions;
  • 100-year shelf life if users keep maintenance up-to-date, it offers a quick financial return on the money invested to buy and install Ipe Hardwood decking;
  • Slip resistance;
  • Resistant to risks that can occur because of day-to-day use;
  • You can choose whether to apply finish after installing the Ipe decking;
  • It is perfect for both residential and commercial environments;
  • About a wooden platform and any other wooden deck;
  • Daily maintenance done quickly without the requirement of special products;
  • Indusparquet Decking is a non-viable product to anywhere in the world;
  • Fully resistant to termites;
  • A product of exotic Brazilian forests (you are available at home a bit to offer a lush tropical nature);
  • Better than teak or oak, in resistance or aesthetic beauty;
  • Easy and quick to install;
  • It has a prominence for fire cases (maintains integrity even after intense fire in place) – classify “A” for fire propagation;
  • For versatility the Ipe decking can also be used as wall cladding;
  • Installers can work on customizing in tips or Ipe decking dimensions;
  • There is a harder wood in the world, Ipe decking has prices comparable to other decking;
  • That is, the concealed fastening system (this way, Ipe Hardwood decking has a smoother look);
  • One of the world’s strongest woods.

Ipe Hardwood Deking: Finished and Unfinished Versions

Finished Ipe Decking: This is the Ipe Hardwood decking that has a finish done by workers who perform an installation.

It is always advisable to have some layers of varnish finish on decking.

This is a way to protect your investment, thus increasing the warranty period and a defense against risks that occur because of daily use or debris.

You need to keep in mind that the finish is not a stain that will detract from an aesthetic quality of Ipe decking, but rather protect a surface to keep everything always shiny and fresh looking.

That is, with the finish Ipe Decking that has more chances to have a perfect aesthetic in the long term, a protector for wood that protects against even the damage of intense sunrays, version storms or even snow.

But, an application of finishing should be performed by professionals of type in the work for the users by supplier.

Thanks to the professional finish Hardwood decking does not wear even when in contact with the most intense sunlight.

Unfinished Ipe Deking: This is a form of product in which you are not available. No special products to make the fine finish.

With time passing, the natural cores of unfinished Ipe Decking disappear because of the solar lights (in colder places it takes a little longer for tones to fade from the wood).

In Unfinished Ipe Decking the colors get gray or silver after a few months, without the Ad Group having no shelf life from the wooden deck.

Regardless if you choose Finished Ipe Decking or Unfinished Ipe Decking, either option has quite a lot of quality. In fact, everything is a matter of taste.

If you want something more modern, choose Finished Ipe Decking. On the other hand, when as rustic decorations make their own head and best choice can be Unfinished Ipe Decking.

Cumaru Wood to Wonderful Decking

Cumaru wood, also known as Cumaru-Ferro or Ipê-Champagne, comes from large trees, over 30 meters high.

The Cumaru wood, also known as Cumaru-Ferro or Ipê-Champagne, comes from large trees, over 30 meters high.

Cumaru wood has a distinct core and sapwood by the color that approaches a yellowish brown and has a medium to thin texture and absent brightness.

This wood is used differently, but the question arises: Is Cumaru wood good?

This type of wood does not have a creosote-treatable core or CCA-A even under pressure treatment.

It is also a difficult material to work with and has a very complicated mechanical process, but on the other hand, it allows a good finish in turning.

An important point to note: Cumaru wood is recommended for both internal and external constructions, as well as moldings, tool handles, floors and turning.

The other names of Cumaru wood are:

  • Sarrapia;
  • Charapilla;
  • Tonka;
  • Cumaru rosa
  • Cumaru Ferro;
  • Cumbari;
  • Cumaru escuro;
  • Cambaru Ferro
  • Champagne;
  • Cumaru amarelo;
  • Cumaru Roxo;
  • Ebo;
  • Cumaru da Folha Grande;
  • Cumaru;
  • Cambaru;
  • Cumaru verdadeiro;
  • Faux Gaiac.

The Botanical name of Cumaru wood is Dipteryx odorata.

Cumaru Hardwood Decking: Style and Sophistication

With the style and sophistication of Cumaru Decking or Cumaru Wood Tile you have the disposition an inviting space for all your guests, of the most different styles.

The combination of colors generates give more comfort to the eyes and provides more relaxation at environments. The outdoor space gets more colorful because of golden bronze tones, with some variations of red.

Brazilian Teak Decking done by Cumaru has an exotic surface that does not get dusty easily, so it represents the true solution for people suffering from allergies or breathing problems.

It resists insect attacks, decay and rot of fungal attacks.

Although it is the second best wood decking in world (loses only for Ipe decking), Cumaru Hardwood decking is often present in large houses, mansions, museums, hotels, among other commercial projects.

This can last for more than 60 years because it has no preservatives in the manufacturing process.

Although it is a much sought-after product by people all over the world, you should just purchase Hardwood’s Cumaru decking from manufacturers who extract raw material from authorized forests to legally sell.

It serves as an alternative to Ipe decking a little cheaper, almost with the same advantages.

Ideal for indoor or outdoor applications. A solid structure that sinks in the water due to its hardness and to its weight composed only by Cumaru 100% natural wood of maximum quality.

There are almost no significant differences in Cumaru and Ipe decking on the technical properties. Basically, it has a thicker grain of high density.

True said: in fact, North American or found on North American forests comes close to the hardness and toughness of woods like Ipe or Cumaru.

You can find Cumaru Hardwood decking in variations of brown, yellow and red colors. This has a rich set of tropical, sturdy and sturdy grains.

The Cumaru wood decking also has a special resistance against scratches from children’s play or pets. A solid structure allows for less noise in environments.

Cumaru Hardwood Flooring Advantages

  • Resistance against decomposition;
  • Resistance against scratches;
  • Does not require cleaning chemicals to clean day by day;
  • Ease in periodic maintenance;

Cumaru Decking is cheaper than Ipe Hardwood Decking

The versions of Cumaru wood decking are called Ribbed Pickling, because of the differentiated work at surface, a choice to get away from the more conventional aesthetics.

As a Cumaru wood has chances of drying or curling, manufacturers produce Cumaru artificially dry decking.

This artificial drying in the manufacturing process justifies once Cumaru Hardwood decking is cheaper than Ipe decking.

The Difference of Cumaru Decking e Ipe Decking

Ipe hardwood Decking
Cumaru Hardwood Decking

On the one hand, Ipe is the best wood for decking and wooden tile. The other side, Cumaru is in the second option for construction, with cheaper prices not because of the raw material, but for ease in production.

Like Ipe, a Cumaru wood is also suitable for indoor use.

Both the Cumaru Hardwood decking and Ipe Hardwood decking are produced by sources extracted from forests in South America, mainly Brazil.

However, in terms of quantity, there is still more Cumaru wood than Ipe wood in the offer for pavement construction, on the reforestation forests, moreover, it is a bit of a difference in prices although similar products.

Now you can compare the details between two South American woods. Analyze how weight, hardness, strength, among other factors. See how Ipe and Cumaru wood stand out superiorly.

Ipe also has a little more stability than Cumaru and shrinks less easily, although the movements happen evenly without cosmetic damage.

Ipe decking is more stable and hard between all the woods in the world. Is can last more than 30 years and has weight between 63 and 70 lbs, 3681 (hardness), 14.310 (modulus of rupture), 3.143 (modulus of elasticity), and 25.370 (bending strength). It is darker than Cumaru decking.

For comparison, Cumaru decking has 25 years or more of shelf life, between 62 and 67 lbs (weight), 23.200 (bending strength), 3.030 (modulus of elasticity), 13.740 (modulus of rupture) and 3.560 (hardness).

For this numbers show above you can note that Cumaru and Ipe decking is superior than others American woods.

For instance, Tigerwood decking has 58 – 63 lbs (weight), with durability up to 25 years or more, 26.720 (bending strength); 2.230 (modulus of elasticity); 10.230 (modulus of Rupture) and 2.250 (hardness).

Another example, Garapa decking has weight between 47 and 53 lbs, with 15 years of durability; 1.645 (Hardness); 12.700 (Bending Strength); 2.251 (Modulus of elasticity) and 9.140 (Modulus of Rupture).

Cumaru Decking X Ipe Decking

The Ipê wood is a slightly darker part of the Cumaru wood, this is one of main differences between these two products.

Variation of brown colors forms an impressive image of natural wood, two products that have first quality present at decking by most important mansions of the world

Regardless of the choice by wood decking, Cumaru and Ipe decking are highlights in bending strength, durability, density and hardness.

Cumaru and Ipe Hardwood decking are typical products of northern Brazil, both grow without tropical climate in one of best climates in world for development of hard and noble woods.

Although it is harder, Ipe Hardwood decking is less thick and reddish brown than Cumaru Hardwood decking. Ipe Hardwood decking has a more chocolate-oriented color.

As two choices may have variations of cores in a unit, with a difference that Cumaru Hardwood decking ranges from brown-red to brown-yellow, and, Ipe Hardwood decking has a variation from light brown to dark brown.

The exuberant and ubiquitous tropical gravel of Brazilian woods has a combination of exotic cores.

One point in favor of both choices is that Cumaru and Ipe Brazilian decking are fire resistant, both as Class A rated options.

In the fifteenth century, the Portuguese navigator’s discoverers of Brazil must travel for days to explore Cumaru and Ipe wood for a construction of their furniture.

Nowadays you can already buy Cumaru and Ipe Brazilian decking from legal forests with the best prices without leaving house if you make your purchase of luxury deck at Indusparquet stores.

Wood Tiles: Cumaru Wood Tile and Ipe Wood Tile

Cumaru Wood Tile or Ipe Wood Tile are special forms of traditional decking.

These models are distinguished by the smaller diameters that form combinations that can make any interior and exterior environment more noble.

Wood tile is more charming according to some designers, if they are composed with excellent commercial quality, with wood harvested with maximum socio-environmental responsibility, certified by international standards.

Available in a wide variety of size, wood tile possesses the unique charm of tropical woods. Very simple and fast to clean.

Ipe and Cumaru Hardwood Decking Maintenance!

For starters it is important to note that hardwood decking is about long-term investments and with a small amount of care and maintenance great, fun performance is guaranteed.

We recommend that you care for the installer or builder, if possible, to have the decking and wood tile manufacturer’s maintenance procedures chosen when finished.

However, the following care and maintenance tips will help keep your hardwood decking in the best condition.

To maintain a beautiful wood decking, this should be kept clean and well maintained.

It’s a good idea to inspect a hardwood deck at least annually to ensure it is in good condition.

Cumaru Hardwood and Ipe Hardwood (decking models) should be kept regularly as they may run out of color or affected by moisture and weather.

Inspect the platform to replace loose boards and nails or protruding screws.

Any loose or damaged units should be replaced, loose nails.

Widely used to cover the area around pools and balconies, the decking gives a refined and charming air to buildings.

It should be considered, however, that wooden decking requires a lot of care for conservation even when made from quality materials like Cumaru and Ipe.

The alternatives to protect Ribbed decking, Smooth decking, FSC decking and others, are to increase shelf life is to wear wood protector, making it water resistant.

There are products that prevent the absorption of water by the boards and reduces the possibility of rotting.

Another option is to paint or varnish.

However, reapplication of these products should be done at regular intervals that varies from product to product.

Before applying any product, you must contact manufacturer company or selling store to know about the possibility.

It is Time to Work

See the tips to renew and give protection to the wood of leisure area.

If the hardwood decking is coated with varnish: Remove old varnish with appropriate material, sand and wash the wood to remove any dust.

Let it dry for about 3 days and then reapply the varnish.

If your decking is coated with paint: Choose a good quality paint and prepare the wood.

Remove grayish layer of wood with your own solution. Wash the wood and allow to dry.

Apply ink evenly. When choosing colors, remember that dark colors dim the size of the environment and light colors magnify.

The durability of the ink will depend on the traffic and ink quality.

If your hardwood decking is coated with varnish: There are different products on the market that give a light color to the wood or just form a protective layer against water.

Follow manufacturer’s recommendations and reapply when necessary.

These products feature a variety of wood tones as well as more vibrant colors.

Contrary to what most people think, the best time to protect and care for hardwood decking is in late summer or early fall.

With the right techniques the hardwood decking will be ready to withstand another good season with renewed brightness without you having to worry about sun and rain!

To keep the hardwood decking beautiful, this should be kept clean and well maintained.

Seems to be good idea to inspect a hardwood decking at least annually to ensure it is in good condition.

The deck should be maintained regularly, this can be run out of color or affected by humidity and weather.

Inspect the platform to replace loose boards and nails or protruding screws.

Any loose or damaged plates should be replaced, loose nails.

How to Clean Hardwood Decking?

To clean the decking, you need to sweep off any dirt or loose yard waste.

It is important not only remove dirt but any seaweed or moss that may be growing.

For deeper cleaning, re-seal the decking with varnishes or paints, depending on the aesthetic preference.

Before installing hardwood decking, you should cover areas around the decking that need protection such as plants and furniture.

Drying times depend on the type of finish to check the manufacturer’s recommendations before walking on a newly finished platform.

Apply and reapply finishing on the hardwood decking according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Typically, manufacturers may recommend that the finishing decks need to be reapplied more than once a year.

After installation the installer must sweep and clean to remove drill bits, nails or other construction debris that can cause stains.

If the deck has become gray from natural wear or discoloration due to metal, or other building materials, there are a wide variety of products able to bring back the wood original color.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions before you think about finishing.

Hardwood Decking on the Gardens!

Are you wanting to innovate the exterior decoration? Then bet on hardwood decking for garden.

This structure leaves any space more beautiful, cozy and functional.

For a long time, hardwood decking was an exclusive element of ships.

Over the years, this has been used in the decoration of houses, to value elements of nature and money.

Are you wanting to innovate the exterior decoration?

Then bet on hardwood decking for garden. This structure leaves any space more beautiful, cozy and functional.

For a long time, the decking was an exclusive element of ships.

Over the years, this has been used in the decoration of houses, to value the elements by nature and provide warmth.

The hardwood decking can make the garden much more beautiful and charming.

In the market, it is possible to find decks made by all kinds of materials, such as porcelain, plastic and cement. But, the best choice is wooden decking.

The most popular model, however, is the wooden decking, responsible for maximizing feeling of well-being and comfort.

The waterproofing of decking can be done with varnish. Before applying the product, remember to sand the wood thoroughly before preparing the surface.

Hardwood decking leaves the garden more charming and cozy, especially when the environment has a green decor.

Use plants and vases to decorate little corner with the nature of your home.

To increase the landscaping of garden, try to cover floor with boulders or pieces of wood.

The wooden deck combines with a green decor.

Wooden deck is not just for lining the floor. It can also be used to compose the structure of a vertical garden.

Before decorating the garden with hardwood decking, be sure to take note of measurements of space where the installation will take place.

Knowing the dimensions is fundamental to calculate the required number of modules or lumber.

Before starting the job, you need to look for a joiner and request that the joiner cut the boards toe desired size. With it wood can make the garden much more beautiful and charming.

In the market, it is possible to find plates made of all types of materials, such as porcelain, plastic and cement.

The most suitable model, however, is the wooden decking responsible for valuing maximum sensation of well-being and comfort.

You are in search of easy installation, then apostrophe without modular deck.

As parts work with a docking system known as “male-female” which makes it much simpler or installation process.

The waterproofing of the decking can be done with varnish. Before applying the product, be sure to sand the wood thoroughly to prepare the surface.

Abuse of plants, stones and pots

The wooden decking leaves the garden more charming and cozy, especially when the environment has a green decoration.

Decoration tip: Wooden decking combines with a green decor.

The wooden deck is not just for lining the floor. It can also be used to compose structures of a vertical garden.

How is the Installation of a Hardwood Decking in the Garden Carried Out?

Before decorating the garden with a wooden deck, remember to take note of the measurements by space where installation will take place.

Knowing the dimensions is fundamental to calculate the required number of modules or lumber.

In the case of traditional decking, you will have a little more work to complete the installation.

Before starting the job, you need to look for a joiner and request that the joiner cut the boards to desired size.

The decking is a great structure for arranging garden furniture.

The installation of decking in the garden does not have much secrecy.

Simply apply concrete to the floor and insert together two pieces of parallel wood. It is in this structure that nails will be planted to support decking.

Keep in mind that the woods used as backing should be slightly higher, so they do not come into direct contact with the floor or humidity.

How to Buy Indusparquet Brazilian Hardwood Decking?

Indusparquet is the best producer of wooden flooring and wooden tropical decking in the world.

The production of quality recognized at a global level represents the result of the latest technology used throughout the production line.

Indusparquet means a choice of best suppliers and a great respect for the environment or customers.

All this care and knowledge is essential for a production of wooden decking from tropical woods, a specialty that only one Indusparquet owns in the Brazilian market.

Concern for the environment always guarantees the least possible impact in nature, from the planning of extraction by trees to use 100% of all the wood that arrives at the factory.

In addition to maintaining a reforestation program in partnership with an ESALQ / USP (University of São Paulo), part of Indusparquet’s products are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) – a seal that identifies items made from wood from exploited forests, respecting environmental aspects, social and economic points of the region.

The history of Indusparquet begins on January 12, 1970, in Tiete City, on the interior of São Paulo.

Over the years the company has gained space in the international market, maintaining relation with more than 40 countries.

Through constant investment in technology and product development with high strength and durability, Indusparquet has the title of world leader in solid tropical hardwood floors.

The concern to reconcile economic development and preservation of the environment for present or future generations is part of Indusparquet’s essence.

Therefore, all the raw material used comes from managed forests, guaranteeing continuous production with the lowest environmental impact.

The best Ipe and Cumaru decking (Brazilian Teak) are from Indusparquet, largest wood flooring manufacturer in Brazil, offering better quality and better prices.

Request a quote while sending a message to: “guilherme.giffoni@indusparquet.com.br”.

Cumaru Brazilian Teak Hardwood Flooring and Decking: General Guide

Let’s comprehend some characteristics about Cumaru Brazilian Teak Hardwood flooring and Brazilian Teck Decking, products praised for many decorators / architects.

This article shows a real guide about Cumaru Brazilian Teak Hardwood and exhibit all information that you need know to install better Brazilian Teak Deking (Cumaru Decking), enjoying luxurious decorations.

As you should know, Cumaru wood is one of the most stronger and beautiful kind of feedstock that we can find at tropical natural environment.

It is notable when general users perceive that Cumaru Brazilian Teak Hardwood can combine with all different decorative proposals type’s.

With the Brazilian Teak Deking your house gains an extra ambient at outdoor to protect pool surroundings, barbecue area, Turkish bath and other examples.

Cumaru Brazilian Teak Hardwood is a good solution to interior design house, once it can offer advantages like: aesthetic beauty, warmer environments with no risk of fungal attack that can rot floor, durability and safety for users.

But people shouldn’t buy any one Brazilian wood Cumaru product just for the beauty or sale.

You’d better choosing Brazilian Teak Deck and Cumaru Brazilian Teak Hardwood that have raw material extracted from manure forests with the permission of environmental governmental agencies, which is widely known as a sustainable product.

The Need to Have Cumaru Brazilian Teak Hardwood Flooring and Brazilian Teak Decking

Most people who buy Wooden Decking or Flooring when do not have experience with this type of product suffer from serious problems that make all purchase and installation costs unfeasible.

For example, when wood does not have much quality, in less than 1 year, it starts to fall from subfloor, present problems like scratches, lose its natural color and render decoration uglier.

However, when you are sure that on Flooring or Decking there are Ipe, Cumaru, or other quality wood, then everything becomes more peaceful, not just to decorators and architects but also for users in general.

Enough of embarrassment because of the poor-quality woods in the Decking that scares more than attracts visitors to your house, dear reader.

You can enter the house and realize that wood in flooring is grayer than brown, a kind that advanced professional maintenance may no longer handle.

Investing in Cumaru Decking or Flooring is not just about taking care of own property, this also represents a way to value the house in the real estate market and prepare one home to receive guests at highest style.

Cumaru Wood is the Most Beautiful in World

“Dipteryx odorata (Aublet.) Willd., Leguminosae”, that is scientific name of Cumaru wood. At Latin market you can find product with other names like: Muirapagé; Cumbari and Camaru-Ferro (or, Iron Camaru).

The Camaru Iron deking is one of Cumaru decking name once shows superior quality that you can find at Cumaru wood, one favorite material chosen with frequency to manufactures by flooring and decking that have Premium quality.

Main Brazilian regions where have Cumaru wood incidence are states like: Rondônia, Para, Mato Grosso, Amazonas, Amapa, Acre and Amazonia.

You may find Cumaru wood in other South American regions too: Venezuela, Suriname, Peru, French Guiana, Colombia, Bolivia and other countries.

Cumaru wood are distinguished by color, brownish brown; moderate brightness; imperceptible smell and taste; high density; difficult to cut; grain coating; fine onto medium texture, attenuated fibrous appearance and magnificent surface.

The Cumaru wood macroscopic anatomical description:

  • Axial parenchyma: visible under lens, paratracheal alloform of angular extension, occasionally confluent.
  • Rays: visible only under lens at the top and tangential face, thin, numerous and laminated (3 mm per mm).
  • Vases: visible to the naked eye, small onto medium; few; diffuse porosity; solitary, twinned and multiples of 3 to 6; clogged by oil-resin.
  • Growth layers: slightly different, demarcated by fibrous zones.
  • Natural durability: The heartwood is highly resistant to attack by xylophagous organisms (rotting fungi and termites).
  • In field trials with cuttings in contact with the soil, this species showed high durability to xylophagous organisms and was considered with a durability of more than 12 years by service in contact withal soil.
  • Treatability: impermeable to preservative solutions; the core is not treatable with creosote (soluble) or CCA (water soluble), even under pressure, according IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources).
  • Workability: Cumaru wood is difficult to work, but receives excellent finishing in turning. Poor finish on planer and sandpaper jobs, it’s difficult onto drill.
  • Due to its oily nature, Madeira is easy to cast. Accepts polish, paint, varnish and chandelier.
  • Drying: It’s relatively easy to dry in the air, with a slight tendency to crack superficially, presents moderate warpage. Artificial drying is slow, but practically free of defects.

Beside deck and flooring production, you can use Wood Cumaru to construction:

  • Bridges;
  • Posts;
  • Mourners;
  • Piles;
  • Steels;
  • Crosses;
  • Railway sleepers;
  • Internal weight (beams and rafters);
  • Lightweight in frames: Stops;
  • Light internal, decorative: Linings and Wainscot;
  • Floors:
  • Boards;
  • Parquet;
  • Ladder steps;
  • Furniture:
  • High quality;
  • Furniture decorative parts;
  • Tool cables;
  • Transport;

Brazilian Teak Deking (Cumaru Decking) Advantages

Recurring presence in the decoration of exteriors and interiors, Cumaru deking are architectural elements that help in the circulation of spaces.

Its main functionality is to cover a virgin or irregular wood flooring, being able to be executed with material of reforestation ecologically treated and even synthetic.

The word “decking” refers to the external environments of ships, the media and passengers – today it is applied to intimate values, usually in homes or condominiums.

They can be made of all types by coating such as porcelain, cement flooring and plastic, being an application more used at wood, which transmits heat and brings warmth to environments.

Nowadays, the application of Brazilian Teak Deking goes beyond flooring, it is present in other decoration forms, such as horizontal wall fence for garden or as a television panel.

Although very useful, project can be expensive, often causing doubts as to whether it is worth the investment.

The architect Elton Carlos explains that choice for wooden decking should be analyzed by the owner and professional project developer, since it is necessary to observe conditions about environment to be installed, as well as the intensity of environment use.

“Everything influences the correct choice of material, but aesthetics and price can’t be ignored. For wood use, small to medium-sized environments are advised, optimizing strength of product “, adds the architect.

In addition to leaving a cozy and charming look, having a wooden decking is a good choice to enhance the play area or add a special touch onto specific location in the home.

It can be applied in the most varied terrains, if it has the proper infrastructure.

Inspire Yourself to Plan Your Cumaru Brazilian Decking

Cumaru decking

Whether in outdoor spaces around the pool, on verandah, giving base to a vertical garden, adding personality to the hallway or letting the television stand out when used as a panel, the possibilities of using are varied.

For architect Sandra Pompermayer, environments that may receive a Brazilian Teak Deking can be well diversified: balconies of apartments, circulation around pools, where there is a need for an empty space at bottom to equipment, balconies in houses of beach or farm; viewpoints in abysses levels, to sliding decking onto close pools.

As with any investment in home decorating, an analysis should be made whether the chosen resource matches expectations and cost-effective.

It’s advisable to study the need for installing a Brazilian Teak Deking because it will have reasonable cost and periodic maintenance toward increase durability.

Decided by the use, to think the environment to be installed: one must have non-slip characteristics, exposure onto intense sun or water.

As a rule, the use of noble wood – previously treated, termite resistant and rotting, such as Cumaru or Ipê – is frequent in best deking.

Advantages of Brazilian Teak Deking

1: Quick assembly, Brazilian Teak Deking not requiring many days for installation;

2: Most of time the wood is ready to use, in correct measure, not needing many hits and cuts;

4: The rusticity of wood generates a certain identity on project;

5: Thermal feel of wood in relation to porcelain tile flooring around swimming pools is much more pleasant;

6: Cost is affordable compared to a thermal cementitious flooring, whose walking sensation is the same, not burning the feet;

7: If compared to a cement decking, beyond value, the difference in maintenance is very important.

The Cumaru deking receives an advanced maintenance every one or two years, while scientist, if it is not well cleaned by getting dirty, fills and does not lose any more.

How to Plan and Build a Cumaru Decking?

To demonstrate how design and build a Brazilian Teak Deking, the architect Elton enumerates a step-by-step so that the application is made at most favorable way possible:

1: First, it is fundamental to plan the space where deck will be installed. It’s important knowing measurements of site and calculate how many woods or modules will be needed;

Wooden boards are sold with standard sizes, so you should use the services of joiner to cut them at desired size. Pay attention: Have the right measurements in hand;

2: Cleaning the ground where decking will be applied is an important step to ensure leveling of product;

To install is better hire a professional to concrete the floor or do leveling and insert together two parallel woods where nails at future decking will be drilled;

These woods should stay a little higher so that the decking does not have direct contact with floor and it available space for water flow, guaranteeing space integrity;

After that, place each board next to the other and insert nails, preferably stainless steel without head for a better finish;

To finish, clean and sand the woods to receive the protection varnish, which has a great variety of colors finish.

How to Maintain Brazilian Teak Deking

To use wood in an external environment, apply varnish or similar, extending its useful life and thus ensuring that the investment is not lost.

At the case of Brazilian Teak Deking also make sure an origin of wood and treatments to which it has been subjected, such as autoclaving, for example. Everything influences a choice of material and manufacturer.

For architects, constant cleanings and more accurate evaluations periodically are advisable for greater durability of product.

As a rule, manufacturers’ instructions must be followed, looking for information from companies specialized in this type of maintenance, thus ensuring that the investment is durable.

In maintenance also must be made the exchange of hardwoods with scuffs, nails and rusty screws, among other elements that no longer fulfill their original role.

With expert tips, adding charm and warmth to your home is made even easier.

Choose the location, contact a professional and have your own Brazilian Teak Deking at home.

Why Use Ipe Deking at Pool Area?

Pools that have solid Cumaru decking are the best spots at house or apartment, especially on days with intense sunshine in which it is almost impossible to stay indoors.

Pools with Cumaru decking are for sunbathers or children’s play and seem to have happy to play in a safe environment.

Bellow you will know in detail the 10 advantages of pools with Cumaru decking:

1: If the wood has high quality it is possible to consider durability as one of the advantages. The deck may last for decades without maintenance.

2: You do not need to take excessive care that takes the time for maintain physical integrity of decking in perfect condition. Just apply varnish every 3-5 years to have ever-bright wood boards.

3: Maximum resistance! In practice, dozens of people can stay on top of the wooden decking with safety and high wellness.

4: Any pools with wooden decks have higher value in real estate market. Install and make your house more financially valuable.

5: Swimming pools with decks of way carry multiple environments. If previously there was only the pool sector, after installation also appears decking area.

6: Have you ever imagined the risks of children playing on the edges of pools with slippery floors?

Any slip is fatal! But when there are decks, children may play with maximum safety because of the non-slip power by varnished woods.

7: Pools with wooden decks when surrounded by plants and other natural elements are worthy of being housed at best house and building magazines.

8: Visitors are more comfortable when the pool has decks, so socializing takes place with safer and comfort.

9: Cumaru decking have a wide variety for installation, it can be installed around the pool or in specific areas, which varies according to decoration goals.

10: With the wide number of wooden boards sizes for decking it’s possible to design in different formats, combining even slippers or other typical indoor items to make the outside environment more comfortable.

Cumaru Deking Combine with Paraju Pergola

To amaze when designing the exterior decoration, the professional decorators should indicate Cumaru decking with Paraju pergola.

Ipe and Cumaru deking are perfect choices for decorating exteriors of most distinct properties, especially when combined with majestic Paraju pergola, thus forming one creation of environments decorated like unique beauty, in addition to evolving functionality by space.

Cumaru decking when combined with Paraju pergola forms a perfect match to any type of decoration, totally flexible onto professional work of decorators and architects.

Is not it disheartening when you look at the exterior of your property and notice that flat, empty space, without or with the least dirt and plants, practically a scenario of Count Dracula’s movies?

But, this problem can be solved without compromising your budget, if you buy the choices with less costs, more benefits to decorate and make one space more luxurious: Ipe decking with wood pergola.

According to major lumber product manuals, Cumaru decking suits as an additional space at indoor / outdoor environment such as swimming pools, balconies, gardens, among other parts of a property.

Decking are important in outdoor environments because they do not absorb intense heat from the sun, meaning they are less hot than other types of floors, which provides safety in the main for those who walk barefoot.

Many people do not give up Cumaru deking inside a space to sunbathe or the area in which barbecue is located.

These days you can install Cumaru decking with or without pergola on different parts of property: Pools; Hot tubs; Gardens; Backyards; Terraces; Clubs; Attraction type Parks; Religious temples; Academies and among other examples.

Main Types Cumaru Decking: Traditional Classic

Traditional Cumaru decking for exteriors or interiors. Reflects the color of tree perfectly, besides being a type of deck most used in the western market.

Brown color yellow or green: Features tones that combine with different decorative goals.

Best productions of Brazilian Teak Deking have excellent engineering work to further enhance color durability and enhancement. The units are carefully selected onto maintain standards by decking tones.

The Brazilian Teak Deking presence in outdoor environment promotes a true real estate appreciation of property. Resistant to fungi and constant traffic by people.

It has classic qualitative wood tone, reflecting a bit of nature to pool areas.

Synonymous with tradition and quality, it has an incredible natural defense against attacks of insects or fungi.

Cumaru Deking f / f

Cumaru decking f / f (female / female) installation considers flanges on sides, allowing you to install without nails, bolts or excessive noise.

The installation happens at an 80% faster pace when comparing with more traditional Cumaru decking.

As a result, there is no presence of markings, which smooths the flooring surface, favoring directly on decoration quality.

The Cumaru decking f / f serves for those who want to install fast and impress in the decorative proposal.

Brazilian Teak Extra Deking (Premium)

Composed of state-of-the-art engineering and 100% massive, it presents consecrated resistance to exterior or interior environments.

Thanks to minimal care in the manufacture of each piece this is a standard export product.

Most interesting of all is that in maintenance users do not need to have much time or money to keep Cumaru Extra decking glossy.

Pink Cumaru Deking

It has the same characteristics of traditional Cumaru decking, with difference that brown tones are replaced by a little pink tone.

It’s the ideal choice for people with a desire to have the advantages of wood (strength, durability, etc.) and escape from classic brown tone by massive decking.

Care and Maintenance: Cumaru Decking

1: Clean with broom having soft hair or vacuum cleaner routinely;

2: From time to time wash with water and (or) products indicated on the packaging, as indicated by manufacturers Cumaru decking;

3: Reapply varnish and scrape every 6 months;

4: Clean all area around Cumaru decking to avoid accumulated dirt near the surface;

5: To clean more professionally apply varnish removers before new scraping and repainting of varnishes.

You can also apply wood brighteners, if indications of manufacturers described on the packaging are considered.

Difference Between Ipe and Cumaru Decking

As you can see on photos inside of that article, one indoor or outdoor environment became inviting when have Brazilian Teak Deking. More than a simpler wood product, it seems to be an exotic item that has a best natural resist.

Very much common at mansions and big properties like five-star hotels have Cumaru decking, one typical item that has relation with luxury.

Solid Cumaru decking has a long expiration date about thirty years if users keep routine cleaning and maintenance. One extra point is that Cumaru has less costs than Ipe, so is cheaper at marketing.

There are many benefits that resemble Cumaru and Ipe for solid wood decking, including golden-brown color, long years or durability, repels against mildew or fungus, perfect residential and commercial use, composed of natural wood and have resistant surface.

One symbol of Cumaru deking is the color reddish brown mixture with gold that ennoble texture down to the smallest detail. In contrast, Ipe decking has been well-done for mix about brown color with red.

In practical terms, Ipe decking is a little darker than Cumaru decking, it seems to be main difference between this two specials wood production.

Almost unnoticeable to be noticed by ordinary users, Ipe decking has more Janka Hardness than Cumaru decking.

  • Cumaru: 3540lbs
  • Ipe: 3600lbs

Difference between Janka Hardness shows that Ipe is more difficult to work in production than Cumaru, explaining the reason of Cumaru decking be cheaper, although it has the same quality kind as Ipe decking.

For millions of reasons we can say that Cumaru decking is most charms and beautiful decking in known-world, chemical free, with one tone that relax any atmospheres inside or outside.

Cumaru is affordable, for it seems to be so special and required in global marketing. You can pay up to 35% less than Ipe decking.

You can stall like a flooring by outsides zone of properties, or in the covering form that become your decoration ornamentally.

Cumaru Brazilian Teak Hardwood Flooring

When it comes to architecture and decoration, wood is a versatile material full of benefits, especially for variety and easy to get. One of its most common uses is wooden flooring.

Technical Characteristics: Cumaru Brazilian Teak Hardwood Flooring

Cumaru flooring is a luxurious choice for indoor environments. As particularity combines with different decorative proposals, although decorators, architects and users have some difficulty in choosing because of various versions at market.

What are the best woods for floors? How to install Cumaru solid flooring? What’s the average size of wood floors? Are there better domestic or international manufacturers?

These are questions that require professional answers, so you do not make mistakes when buying or installing hardwood flooring.

To answer these and other questions common we have assembled the best specialists with objective of making a complete manual by wood flooring, which you can check below.

Wood is timeless, that’s, it has been used for a long time, without it becoming obsolete or outdated. With its discreet yet elegant tones, it fits well in most environments and favors creative combinations with other materials.

For Indoors, Cumaru Brazilian Teak Hardwood Flooring make everything cozier, although it can also be applied in outdoor areas such as decking or pergolas on gardens.

After all, using wood at building or in the decoration is bringing a little of nature into the house, as if your home had the incredible opportunity to have some trippy and rustic nature with maximum comfort.

Diversity: There are different types of wood: some lighter, darker; more flexible, others harder and more resistant and that tolerate moisture better.

This diversity allows the wood to be applied in different rooms, however, it is necessary to analyze the type that best fits.

When it comes to floors without doubt the presence of Cumaru Brazilian Teak Hardwood Flooring stands out.

Cumaru flooring appears in the market on several forms: flats, floors (solid wood), finished flooring, structured flooring, laminate flooring, vinyl flooring, among others.

Some require more maintenance, others are more practical; some are more durable, others are a little less.

Some more expensive, some cheaper. The fact is that wood offers different possibilities for all tastes and pockets.

Easy Maintenance: Many people are amazed to realize how easy it is to keep Cumaru flooring clean and well maintained. You need onto vacuum or sweep, as well as damp cloths with proper cleaning products.

It is a quick clean compared to other types of flooring, such as carpeting, for example. Some cases, however, require sanding and varnishing towards give more luster, but this is done sporadically.

Durability: Cumaru flooring have high longevity compared to other types. If there is proper maintenance, there’s no reason to change floors, since well cared the wood seems always new. This durability results in long-term savings.

Health and Environment: This type of flooring is completely natural and hypoallergenic, since it does not accumulate so much animal hair, dust and other debris that cause allergic crises in people.

In addition, Cumaru Brazilian Teak Hardwood Flooring does not need products that are so expensive or harmful to people and the environment for cleaning and maintenance.

Cumaru Brazilian Teak Hardwood Flooring: Prefinished and Unfinished

Unfinished: Classic Flooring (Solid Wood Flooring). Known as a luxurious choice that lasts tens of years without the need for advanced maintenance.

Each of the rulers can be smooth or with fittings on sides. As peculiar feature is a flooring that requires application, varnish and scraping to do finish.

Prefinished: Peculiar by being a floor ready factory, already with finishes of varnish and other products to offer more luster allied to the defense against abrasion.

Prefinished Flooring can be made of Cumaru, Ipe, Tauari, among other woods of high quality and resistance.

Install prefinished flooring to value the property.

Always giving modernity and sophistication to environments, prefinished flooring is a product of quick installation and easy maintenance that offers full thermal comfort.

Prefinished Cumaru Brazilian Teak Hardwood Flooring is endowed with a high scratch and stain resistant material, being manufactured with noble woods, presenting excellent cost-benefit.

Prefinished Cumaru flooring is created to meet the needs of immediate use, durable product, ensuring a surface without cracks.

Since it’s not necessary to apply nothing to finish the installation happens in a period at least 50% faster, ideal for works that require more rapidity.

Soon after 24 hours of installation the environment is already released for human traffic and placement of furniture.

The best Prefinished Brazilian Teak Hardwood Flooring are product manufactured in solid Cumaru wood, dried in greenhouse and ecologically correct. More suitable for residential environments.

In addition to being exquisite and beautiful, prefinished flooring emphasizes the decoration of any environment, be it small or large. Durable, sturdy and easy to maintain.

Prefinished is ready to be applied. In addition, it’s already finished with varnish, eliminating need for scraping and application of post-treatment treatments.

Are you thinking about putting Cumaru flooring in your home?

Are you looking for speed without dirt and giving up the quality? Then choose prefinished flooring options to your home or office.

Beauty, practicality and speed. These are the differentials of Prefinished Brazilian Teak Hardwood Flooring compared to conventional wood flooring.

How to Install Cumaru Brazilian Teak Hardwood Flooring?

1: The first step of how to install Cumaru flooring is underfloor cleaning. Particularly this step is by fundamental importance because it aims to remove any coarse debris harmful for perfect installation.

For this the installer uses materials such as: spatulas, sledge hammer, pruning shears, slitter and (or) sanding machines;

2: The time has come to prepare the waterproofing and prevent problems with humidity;

3: It’s time to install, that is, to fix each floor in the subfloor with calmness and perfection. This occurs by: Bonding, adhesives and screws or nails, only nails / screws, and, fittings;

4: Sequentially installers install the skirting board; It is worth mentioning that some care needs to be taken during installation process of Prefinished Brazilian Teak Hardwood Flooring, which includes avoiding the people traffic in the place or flooring;

5: If it is finished flooring of wood you can already consider the complete installation, in less than 24 hours floor is prepared to receive furniture or onto handle people traffic.

On other hand, when it comes to the most classic unfinished solid flooring one must carry out the finishing process.

The finish includes scraping, new cleaning, heating and application of varnish or other products that enhance gloss, evolving resistance against abrasion.

How to Store Cumaru Flooring?

Below are some considerations on how to conserve Cumaru flooring:

  • Avoid excess water in cleaning, wood is a material that undergoes changes in the constitution because of moisture;
  • Never clean Brazilian Teak Hardwood Flooring with water or cloth soaked;
  • Do not leave pots containing water in the soil of plants;
  • In case of liquid fall, it is recommended to dry immediately. If it’s greasy liquid seems to be necessary to clean with a little soap and water, followed by dry cloths;
  • Keep an eye on dogs and cats, educate them to do not urinate on solid hardwood floors;
  • If washing the kitchen or other cold parts of house is recommended use cloths to form barriers that block water passage;
  • Close doors and windows if it rains;
  • It’s recommended to clean the Cumaru flooring consistently to keep it retained for dozens of years;
  • For cleaning use soft broomstick or a cloth with well-twisted water;
  • It is also possible to use vacuum cleaner if care is taken that the machine tube does not scratch solid wood flooring;
  • Avoid using sandpaper or straws for cleaning;
  • Never apply strong chemicals that damage the finish;
  • Check-off with varnish manufacturer for the most appropriate items to clean varnished flooring;
  • In case of installation solid wood varnished during recommendation to the first 30 days is avoid people traffic, placement of carpets, objects and furniture;
  • After 30 days of installation do not use waxes, grease should be removed with cloth containing a little soap and water or detergent;
  • Never use organic solvents or solvents, follow the manufacturer’s maintenance rules.
  • No way use drags and lift furniture;
  • If you need to make changes use carpets or cardboard to protect the flooring of furniture feet;
  • Insert mats in the entrances on environments with wooden flooring to reduce incidences: stones, sand and dust;
  • Use blinds or curtains to avoid solar lights on a part of Brazilian Teak Hardwood Flooring, thus avoiding changing shades;
  • If a dirt is very resistant it’s recommended to use flannel with a little soap and water;
  • Keep papers or newspapers on windows in cases where the wood flooring is closed for a long period of time;
  • Finally, it is important to warn that periodic care with Brazilian Teak Hardwood Flooring are indispensable to maintain one structure durable;
  • Manufacturers do not cover expenses related to lack of maintenance, so it is important onto keep the maintenance up to date.

The main factors that generate moisture in the subfloor and need maximum care by users of solid wood flooring are:

  • Contacts: Moisture arising from areas such as balconies, bathrooms and other adjacent environments;
  • Ascending: Because of contact with soils that have excess moisture the water is absorbed by subfloor more easily;
  • Accidents: This is unintentionally knocked over from the potting plant, glass or raindrops by open windows, dogs or cat’s urines, bird baths in cages, among other factors.
  • If water or other liquids fall accidentally on the Cumaru flooring, you should dry immediately.
  • Waste: Liquids left in the installation process due to lack of attention from installers.

Indusparquet Brand has The Best Cumaru Brazilian Teak Hardwood Flooring and Cumaru Decking

With more than 50 years of history and 600 employees, Indusparquet has the best Cumaru Brazilian Teak Hardwood Flooring and Cumaru Decking of the world.

Indusparquet has an industrial park of 450 thousand m² on Tiete City, in São Paulo State, 17 drying hothouses and 2 high technology laboratories.

Presence in Brazil and worldwide, the company has about 80 dealers just on Brazilian market, 6 own stores in São Paulo, 2 distribution centers at United States and France. Its environmental commitment and support for social projects also make a difference, helping Indusparquet to remain the world leader at tropical hardwood floring.

Indusparquet maintains business relationships with more than 30 countries, including the United States, Italy, France, Chile, Canada, Australia, Germany, Turkey, Spain and Japan.

From Vatican to Taj Mahal, from Las Vegas hotels to Louis chain stores Vuitton in the world, there are many addresses in which common point is elegance and good taste of Indusparquet Cumaru flooring.

Be Happy Buying Cumaru Deking and Flooring

Brazilian Teak Hardwood Flooring and Brazilian Teak Deking are perfect products for you to make the decoration of your home more sophisticated in every way.

With this combination the interior and exterior environment is beautiful, safe and contain the noble air that only Cumaru wood may offer in style.