Cumaru Brazilian Teak Hardwood Flooring and Decking: General Guide

Let’s comprehend some characteristics about Cumaru Brazilian Teak Hardwood flooring and Brazilian Teck Decking, products praised for many decorators / architects.

This article shows a real guide about Cumaru Brazilian Teak Hardwood and exhibit all information that you need know to install better Brazilian Teak Deking (Cumaru Decking), enjoying luxurious decorations.

As you should know, Cumaru wood is one of the most stronger and beautiful kind of feedstock that we can find at tropical natural environment.

It is notable when general users perceive that Cumaru Brazilian Teak Hardwood can combine with all different decorative proposals type’s.

With the Brazilian Teak Deking your house gains an extra ambient at outdoor to protect pool surroundings, barbecue area, Turkish bath and other examples.

Cumaru Brazilian Teak Hardwood is a good solution to interior design house, once it can offer advantages like: aesthetic beauty, warmer environments with no risk of fungal attack that can rot floor, durability and safety for users.

But people shouldn’t buy any one Brazilian wood Cumaru product just for the beauty or sale.

You’d better choosing Brazilian Teak Deck and Cumaru Brazilian Teak Hardwood that have raw material extracted from manure forests with the permission of environmental governmental agencies, which is widely known as a sustainable product.

The Need to Have Cumaru Brazilian Teak Hardwood Flooring and Brazilian Teak Decking

Most people who buy Wooden Decking or Flooring when do not have experience with this type of product suffer from serious problems that make all purchase and installation costs unfeasible.

For example, when wood does not have much quality, in less than 1 year, it starts to fall from subfloor, present problems like scratches, lose its natural color and render decoration uglier.

However, when you are sure that on Flooring or Decking there are Ipe, Cumaru, or other quality wood, then everything becomes more peaceful, not just to decorators and architects but also for users in general.

Enough of embarrassment because of the poor-quality woods in the Decking that scares more than attracts visitors to your house, dear reader.

You can enter the house and realize that wood in flooring is grayer than brown, a kind that advanced professional maintenance may no longer handle.

Investing in Cumaru Decking or Flooring is not just about taking care of own property, this also represents a way to value the house in the real estate market and prepare one home to receive guests at highest style.

Cumaru Wood is the Most Beautiful in World

“Dipteryx odorata (Aublet.) Willd., Leguminosae”, that is scientific name of Cumaru wood. At Latin market you can find product with other names like: Muirapagé; Cumbari and Camaru-Ferro (or, Iron Camaru).

The Camaru Iron deking is one of Cumaru decking name once shows superior quality that you can find at Cumaru wood, one favorite material chosen with frequency to manufactures by flooring and decking that have Premium quality.

Main Brazilian regions where have Cumaru wood incidence are states like: Rondônia, Para, Mato Grosso, Amazonas, Amapa, Acre and Amazonia.

You may find Cumaru wood in other South American regions too: Venezuela, Suriname, Peru, French Guiana, Colombia, Bolivia and other countries.

Cumaru wood are distinguished by color, brownish brown; moderate brightness; imperceptible smell and taste; high density; difficult to cut; grain coating; fine onto medium texture, attenuated fibrous appearance and magnificent surface.

The Cumaru wood macroscopic anatomical description:

  • Axial parenchyma: visible under lens, paratracheal alloform of angular extension, occasionally confluent.
  • Rays: visible only under lens at the top and tangential face, thin, numerous and laminated (3 mm per mm).
  • Vases: visible to the naked eye, small onto medium; few; diffuse porosity; solitary, twinned and multiples of 3 to 6; clogged by oil-resin.
  • Growth layers: slightly different, demarcated by fibrous zones.
  • Natural durability: The heartwood is highly resistant to attack by xylophagous organisms (rotting fungi and termites).
  • In field trials with cuttings in contact with the soil, this species showed high durability to xylophagous organisms and was considered with a durability of more than 12 years by service in contact withal soil.
  • Treatability: impermeable to preservative solutions; the core is not treatable with creosote (soluble) or CCA (water soluble), even under pressure, according IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources).
  • Workability: Cumaru wood is difficult to work, but receives excellent finishing in turning. Poor finish on planer and sandpaper jobs, it’s difficult onto drill.
  • Due to its oily nature, Madeira is easy to cast. Accepts polish, paint, varnish and chandelier.
  • Drying: It’s relatively easy to dry in the air, with a slight tendency to crack superficially, presents moderate warpage. Artificial drying is slow, but practically free of defects.

Beside deck and flooring production, you can use Wood Cumaru to construction:

  • Bridges;
  • Posts;
  • Mourners;
  • Piles;
  • Steels;
  • Crosses;
  • Railway sleepers;
  • Internal weight (beams and rafters);
  • Lightweight in frames: Stops;
  • Light internal, decorative: Linings and Wainscot;
  • Floors:
  • Boards;
  • Parquet;
  • Ladder steps;
  • Furniture:
  • High quality;
  • Furniture decorative parts;
  • Tool cables;
  • Transport;

Brazilian Teak Deking (Cumaru Decking) Advantages

Recurring presence in the decoration of exteriors and interiors, Cumaru deking are architectural elements that help in the circulation of spaces.

Its main functionality is to cover a virgin or irregular wood flooring, being able to be executed with material of reforestation ecologically treated and even synthetic.

The word “decking” refers to the external environments of ships, the media and passengers – today it is applied to intimate values, usually in homes or condominiums.

They can be made of all types by coating such as porcelain, cement flooring and plastic, being an application more used at wood, which transmits heat and brings warmth to environments.

Nowadays, the application of Brazilian Teak Deking goes beyond flooring, it is present in other decoration forms, such as horizontal wall fence for garden or as a television panel.

Although very useful, project can be expensive, often causing doubts as to whether it is worth the investment.

The architect Elton Carlos explains that choice for wooden decking should be analyzed by the owner and professional project developer, since it is necessary to observe conditions about environment to be installed, as well as the intensity of environment use.

“Everything influences the correct choice of material, but aesthetics and price can’t be ignored. For wood use, small to medium-sized environments are advised, optimizing strength of product “, adds the architect.

In addition to leaving a cozy and charming look, having a wooden decking is a good choice to enhance the play area or add a special touch onto specific location in the home.

It can be applied in the most varied terrains, if it has the proper infrastructure.

Inspire Yourself to Plan Your Cumaru Brazilian Decking

Cumaru decking

Whether in outdoor spaces around the pool, on verandah, giving base to a vertical garden, adding personality to the hallway or letting the television stand out when used as a panel, the possibilities of using are varied.

For architect Sandra Pompermayer, environments that may receive a Brazilian Teak Deking can be well diversified: balconies of apartments, circulation around pools, where there is a need for an empty space at bottom to equipment, balconies in houses of beach or farm; viewpoints in abysses levels, to sliding decking onto close pools.

As with any investment in home decorating, an analysis should be made whether the chosen resource matches expectations and cost-effective.

It’s advisable to study the need for installing a Brazilian Teak Deking because it will have reasonable cost and periodic maintenance toward increase durability.

Decided by the use, to think the environment to be installed: one must have non-slip characteristics, exposure onto intense sun or water.

As a rule, the use of noble wood – previously treated, termite resistant and rotting, such as Cumaru or Ipê – is frequent in best deking.

Advantages of Brazilian Teak Deking

1: Quick assembly, Brazilian Teak Deking not requiring many days for installation;

2: Most of time the wood is ready to use, in correct measure, not needing many hits and cuts;

4: The rusticity of wood generates a certain identity on project;

5: Thermal feel of wood in relation to porcelain tile flooring around swimming pools is much more pleasant;

6: Cost is affordable compared to a thermal cementitious flooring, whose walking sensation is the same, not burning the feet;

7: If compared to a cement decking, beyond value, the difference in maintenance is very important.

The Cumaru deking receives an advanced maintenance every one or two years, while scientist, if it is not well cleaned by getting dirty, fills and does not lose any more.

How to Plan and Build a Cumaru Decking?

To demonstrate how design and build a Brazilian Teak Deking, the architect Elton enumerates a step-by-step so that the application is made at most favorable way possible:

1: First, it is fundamental to plan the space where deck will be installed. It’s important knowing measurements of site and calculate how many woods or modules will be needed;

Wooden boards are sold with standard sizes, so you should use the services of joiner to cut them at desired size. Pay attention: Have the right measurements in hand;

2: Cleaning the ground where decking will be applied is an important step to ensure leveling of product;

To install is better hire a professional to concrete the floor or do leveling and insert together two parallel woods where nails at future decking will be drilled;

These woods should stay a little higher so that the decking does not have direct contact with floor and it available space for water flow, guaranteeing space integrity;

After that, place each board next to the other and insert nails, preferably stainless steel without head for a better finish;

To finish, clean and sand the woods to receive the protection varnish, which has a great variety of colors finish.

How to Maintain Brazilian Teak Deking

To use wood in an external environment, apply varnish or similar, extending its useful life and thus ensuring that the investment is not lost.

At the case of Brazilian Teak Deking also make sure an origin of wood and treatments to which it has been subjected, such as autoclaving, for example. Everything influences a choice of material and manufacturer.

For architects, constant cleanings and more accurate evaluations periodically are advisable for greater durability of product.

As a rule, manufacturers’ instructions must be followed, looking for information from companies specialized in this type of maintenance, thus ensuring that the investment is durable.

In maintenance also must be made the exchange of hardwoods with scuffs, nails and rusty screws, among other elements that no longer fulfill their original role.

With expert tips, adding charm and warmth to your home is made even easier.

Choose the location, contact a professional and have your own Brazilian Teak Deking at home.

Why Use Ipe Deking at Pool Area?

Pools that have solid Cumaru decking are the best spots at house or apartment, especially on days with intense sunshine in which it is almost impossible to stay indoors.

Pools with Cumaru decking are for sunbathers or children’s play and seem to have happy to play in a safe environment.

Bellow you will know in detail the 10 advantages of pools with Cumaru decking:

1: If the wood has high quality it is possible to consider durability as one of the advantages. The deck may last for decades without maintenance.

2: You do not need to take excessive care that takes the time for maintain physical integrity of decking in perfect condition. Just apply varnish every 3-5 years to have ever-bright wood boards.

3: Maximum resistance! In practice, dozens of people can stay on top of the wooden decking with safety and high wellness.

4: Any pools with wooden decks have higher value in real estate market. Install and make your house more financially valuable.

5: Swimming pools with decks of way carry multiple environments. If previously there was only the pool sector, after installation also appears decking area.

6: Have you ever imagined the risks of children playing on the edges of pools with slippery floors?

Any slip is fatal! But when there are decks, children may play with maximum safety because of the non-slip power by varnished woods.

7: Pools with wooden decks when surrounded by plants and other natural elements are worthy of being housed at best house and building magazines.

8: Visitors are more comfortable when the pool has decks, so socializing takes place with safer and comfort.

9: Cumaru decking have a wide variety for installation, it can be installed around the pool or in specific areas, which varies according to decoration goals.

10: With the wide number of wooden boards sizes for decking it’s possible to design in different formats, combining even slippers or other typical indoor items to make the outside environment more comfortable.

Cumaru Deking Combine with Paraju Pergola

To amaze when designing the exterior decoration, the professional decorators should indicate Cumaru decking with Paraju pergola.

Ipe and Cumaru deking are perfect choices for decorating exteriors of most distinct properties, especially when combined with majestic Paraju pergola, thus forming one creation of environments decorated like unique beauty, in addition to evolving functionality by space.

Cumaru decking when combined with Paraju pergola forms a perfect match to any type of decoration, totally flexible onto professional work of decorators and architects.

Is not it disheartening when you look at the exterior of your property and notice that flat, empty space, without or with the least dirt and plants, practically a scenario of Count Dracula’s movies?

But, this problem can be solved without compromising your budget, if you buy the choices with less costs, more benefits to decorate and make one space more luxurious: Ipe decking with wood pergola.

According to major lumber product manuals, Cumaru decking suits as an additional space at indoor / outdoor environment such as swimming pools, balconies, gardens, among other parts of a property.

Decking are important in outdoor environments because they do not absorb intense heat from the sun, meaning they are less hot than other types of floors, which provides safety in the main for those who walk barefoot.

Many people do not give up Cumaru deking inside a space to sunbathe or the area in which barbecue is located.

These days you can install Cumaru decking with or without pergola on different parts of property: Pools; Hot tubs; Gardens; Backyards; Terraces; Clubs; Attraction type Parks; Religious temples; Academies and among other examples.

Main Types Cumaru Decking: Traditional Classic

Traditional Cumaru decking for exteriors or interiors. Reflects the color of tree perfectly, besides being a type of deck most used in the western market.

Brown color yellow or green: Features tones that combine with different decorative goals.

Best productions of Brazilian Teak Deking have excellent engineering work to further enhance color durability and enhancement. The units are carefully selected onto maintain standards by decking tones.

The Brazilian Teak Deking presence in outdoor environment promotes a true real estate appreciation of property. Resistant to fungi and constant traffic by people.

It has classic qualitative wood tone, reflecting a bit of nature to pool areas.

Synonymous with tradition and quality, it has an incredible natural defense against attacks of insects or fungi.

Cumaru Deking f / f

Cumaru decking f / f (female / female) installation considers flanges on sides, allowing you to install without nails, bolts or excessive noise.

The installation happens at an 80% faster pace when comparing with more traditional Cumaru decking.

As a result, there is no presence of markings, which smooths the flooring surface, favoring directly on decoration quality.

The Cumaru decking f / f serves for those who want to install fast and impress in the decorative proposal.

Brazilian Teak Extra Deking (Premium)

Composed of state-of-the-art engineering and 100% massive, it presents consecrated resistance to exterior or interior environments.

Thanks to minimal care in the manufacture of each piece this is a standard export product.

Most interesting of all is that in maintenance users do not need to have much time or money to keep Cumaru Extra decking glossy.

Pink Cumaru Deking

It has the same characteristics of traditional Cumaru decking, with difference that brown tones are replaced by a little pink tone.

It’s the ideal choice for people with a desire to have the advantages of wood (strength, durability, etc.) and escape from classic brown tone by massive decking.

Care and Maintenance: Cumaru Decking

1: Clean with broom having soft hair or vacuum cleaner routinely;

2: From time to time wash with water and (or) products indicated on the packaging, as indicated by manufacturers Cumaru decking;

3: Reapply varnish and scrape every 6 months;

4: Clean all area around Cumaru decking to avoid accumulated dirt near the surface;

5: To clean more professionally apply varnish removers before new scraping and repainting of varnishes.

You can also apply wood brighteners, if indications of manufacturers described on the packaging are considered.

Difference Between Ipe and Cumaru Decking

As you can see on photos inside of that article, one indoor or outdoor environment became inviting when have Brazilian Teak Deking. More than a simpler wood product, it seems to be an exotic item that has a best natural resist.

Very much common at mansions and big properties like five-star hotels have Cumaru decking, one typical item that has relation with luxury.

Solid Cumaru decking has a long expiration date about thirty years if users keep routine cleaning and maintenance. One extra point is that Cumaru has less costs than Ipe, so is cheaper at marketing.

There are many benefits that resemble Cumaru and Ipe for solid wood decking, including golden-brown color, long years or durability, repels against mildew or fungus, perfect residential and commercial use, composed of natural wood and have resistant surface.

One symbol of Cumaru deking is the color reddish brown mixture with gold that ennoble texture down to the smallest detail. In contrast, Ipe decking has been well-done for mix about brown color with red.

In practical terms, Ipe decking is a little darker than Cumaru decking, it seems to be main difference between this two specials wood production.

Almost unnoticeable to be noticed by ordinary users, Ipe decking has more Janka Hardness than Cumaru decking.

  • Cumaru: 3540lbs
  • Ipe: 3600lbs

Difference between Janka Hardness shows that Ipe is more difficult to work in production than Cumaru, explaining the reason of Cumaru decking be cheaper, although it has the same quality kind as Ipe decking.

For millions of reasons we can say that Cumaru decking is most charms and beautiful decking in known-world, chemical free, with one tone that relax any atmospheres inside or outside.

Cumaru is affordable, for it seems to be so special and required in global marketing. You can pay up to 35% less than Ipe decking.

You can stall like a flooring by outsides zone of properties, or in the covering form that become your decoration ornamentally.

Cumaru Brazilian Teak Hardwood Flooring

When it comes to architecture and decoration, wood is a versatile material full of benefits, especially for variety and easy to get. One of its most common uses is wooden flooring.

Technical Characteristics: Cumaru Brazilian Teak Hardwood Flooring

Cumaru flooring is a luxurious choice for indoor environments. As particularity combines with different decorative proposals, although decorators, architects and users have some difficulty in choosing because of various versions at market.

What are the best woods for floors? How to install Cumaru solid flooring? What’s the average size of wood floors? Are there better domestic or international manufacturers?

These are questions that require professional answers, so you do not make mistakes when buying or installing hardwood flooring.

To answer these and other questions common we have assembled the best specialists with objective of making a complete manual by wood flooring, which you can check below.

Wood is timeless, that’s, it has been used for a long time, without it becoming obsolete or outdated. With its discreet yet elegant tones, it fits well in most environments and favors creative combinations with other materials.

For Indoors, Cumaru Brazilian Teak Hardwood Flooring make everything cozier, although it can also be applied in outdoor areas such as decking or pergolas on gardens.

After all, using wood at building or in the decoration is bringing a little of nature into the house, as if your home had the incredible opportunity to have some trippy and rustic nature with maximum comfort.

Diversity: There are different types of wood: some lighter, darker; more flexible, others harder and more resistant and that tolerate moisture better.

This diversity allows the wood to be applied in different rooms, however, it is necessary to analyze the type that best fits.

When it comes to floors without doubt the presence of Cumaru Brazilian Teak Hardwood Flooring stands out.

Cumaru flooring appears in the market on several forms: flats, floors (solid wood), finished flooring, structured flooring, laminate flooring, vinyl flooring, among others.

Some require more maintenance, others are more practical; some are more durable, others are a little less.

Some more expensive, some cheaper. The fact is that wood offers different possibilities for all tastes and pockets.

Easy Maintenance: Many people are amazed to realize how easy it is to keep Cumaru flooring clean and well maintained. You need onto vacuum or sweep, as well as damp cloths with proper cleaning products.

It is a quick clean compared to other types of flooring, such as carpeting, for example. Some cases, however, require sanding and varnishing towards give more luster, but this is done sporadically.

Durability: Cumaru flooring have high longevity compared to other types. If there is proper maintenance, there’s no reason to change floors, since well cared the wood seems always new. This durability results in long-term savings.

Health and Environment: This type of flooring is completely natural and hypoallergenic, since it does not accumulate so much animal hair, dust and other debris that cause allergic crises in people.

In addition, Cumaru Brazilian Teak Hardwood Flooring does not need products that are so expensive or harmful to people and the environment for cleaning and maintenance.

Cumaru Brazilian Teak Hardwood Flooring: Prefinished and Unfinished

Unfinished: Classic Flooring (Solid Wood Flooring). Known as a luxurious choice that lasts tens of years without the need for advanced maintenance.

Each of the rulers can be smooth or with fittings on sides. As peculiar feature is a flooring that requires application, varnish and scraping to do finish.

Prefinished: Peculiar by being a floor ready factory, already with finishes of varnish and other products to offer more luster allied to the defense against abrasion.

Prefinished Flooring can be made of Cumaru, Ipe, Tauari, among other woods of high quality and resistance.

Install prefinished flooring to value the property.

Always giving modernity and sophistication to environments, prefinished flooring is a product of quick installation and easy maintenance that offers full thermal comfort.

Prefinished Cumaru Brazilian Teak Hardwood Flooring is endowed with a high scratch and stain resistant material, being manufactured with noble woods, presenting excellent cost-benefit.

Prefinished Cumaru flooring is created to meet the needs of immediate use, durable product, ensuring a surface without cracks.

Since it’s not necessary to apply nothing to finish the installation happens in a period at least 50% faster, ideal for works that require more rapidity.

Soon after 24 hours of installation the environment is already released for human traffic and placement of furniture.

The best Prefinished Brazilian Teak Hardwood Flooring are product manufactured in solid Cumaru wood, dried in greenhouse and ecologically correct. More suitable for residential environments.

In addition to being exquisite and beautiful, prefinished flooring emphasizes the decoration of any environment, be it small or large. Durable, sturdy and easy to maintain.

Prefinished is ready to be applied. In addition, it’s already finished with varnish, eliminating need for scraping and application of post-treatment treatments.

Are you thinking about putting Cumaru flooring in your home?

Are you looking for speed without dirt and giving up the quality? Then choose prefinished flooring options to your home or office.

Beauty, practicality and speed. These are the differentials of Prefinished Brazilian Teak Hardwood Flooring compared to conventional wood flooring.

How to Install Cumaru Brazilian Teak Hardwood Flooring?

1: The first step of how to install Cumaru flooring is underfloor cleaning. Particularly this step is by fundamental importance because it aims to remove any coarse debris harmful for perfect installation.

For this the installer uses materials such as: spatulas, sledge hammer, pruning shears, slitter and (or) sanding machines;

2: The time has come to prepare the waterproofing and prevent problems with humidity;

3: It’s time to install, that is, to fix each floor in the subfloor with calmness and perfection. This occurs by: Bonding, adhesives and screws or nails, only nails / screws, and, fittings;

4: Sequentially installers install the skirting board; It is worth mentioning that some care needs to be taken during installation process of Prefinished Brazilian Teak Hardwood Flooring, which includes avoiding the people traffic in the place or flooring;

5: If it is finished flooring of wood you can already consider the complete installation, in less than 24 hours floor is prepared to receive furniture or onto handle people traffic.

On other hand, when it comes to the most classic unfinished solid flooring one must carry out the finishing process.

The finish includes scraping, new cleaning, heating and application of varnish or other products that enhance gloss, evolving resistance against abrasion.

How to Store Cumaru Flooring?

Below are some considerations on how to conserve Cumaru flooring:

  • Avoid excess water in cleaning, wood is a material that undergoes changes in the constitution because of moisture;
  • Never clean Brazilian Teak Hardwood Flooring with water or cloth soaked;
  • Do not leave pots containing water in the soil of plants;
  • In case of liquid fall, it is recommended to dry immediately. If it’s greasy liquid seems to be necessary to clean with a little soap and water, followed by dry cloths;
  • Keep an eye on dogs and cats, educate them to do not urinate on solid hardwood floors;
  • If washing the kitchen or other cold parts of house is recommended use cloths to form barriers that block water passage;
  • Close doors and windows if it rains;
  • It’s recommended to clean the Cumaru flooring consistently to keep it retained for dozens of years;
  • For cleaning use soft broomstick or a cloth with well-twisted water;
  • It is also possible to use vacuum cleaner if care is taken that the machine tube does not scratch solid wood flooring;
  • Avoid using sandpaper or straws for cleaning;
  • Never apply strong chemicals that damage the finish;
  • Check-off with varnish manufacturer for the most appropriate items to clean varnished flooring;
  • In case of installation solid wood varnished during recommendation to the first 30 days is avoid people traffic, placement of carpets, objects and furniture;
  • After 30 days of installation do not use waxes, grease should be removed with cloth containing a little soap and water or detergent;
  • Never use organic solvents or solvents, follow the manufacturer’s maintenance rules.
  • No way use drags and lift furniture;
  • If you need to make changes use carpets or cardboard to protect the flooring of furniture feet;
  • Insert mats in the entrances on environments with wooden flooring to reduce incidences: stones, sand and dust;
  • Use blinds or curtains to avoid solar lights on a part of Brazilian Teak Hardwood Flooring, thus avoiding changing shades;
  • If a dirt is very resistant it’s recommended to use flannel with a little soap and water;
  • Keep papers or newspapers on windows in cases where the wood flooring is closed for a long period of time;
  • Finally, it is important to warn that periodic care with Brazilian Teak Hardwood Flooring are indispensable to maintain one structure durable;
  • Manufacturers do not cover expenses related to lack of maintenance, so it is important onto keep the maintenance up to date.

The main factors that generate moisture in the subfloor and need maximum care by users of solid wood flooring are:

  • Contacts: Moisture arising from areas such as balconies, bathrooms and other adjacent environments;
  • Ascending: Because of contact with soils that have excess moisture the water is absorbed by subfloor more easily;
  • Accidents: This is unintentionally knocked over from the potting plant, glass or raindrops by open windows, dogs or cat’s urines, bird baths in cages, among other factors.
  • If water or other liquids fall accidentally on the Cumaru flooring, you should dry immediately.
  • Waste: Liquids left in the installation process due to lack of attention from installers.

Indusparquet Brand has The Best Cumaru Brazilian Teak Hardwood Flooring and Cumaru Decking

With more than 50 years of history and 600 employees, Indusparquet has the best Cumaru Brazilian Teak Hardwood Flooring and Cumaru Decking of the world.

Indusparquet has an industrial park of 450 thousand m² on Tiete City, in São Paulo State, 17 drying hothouses and 2 high technology laboratories.

Presence in Brazil and worldwide, the company has about 80 dealers just on Brazilian market, 6 own stores in São Paulo, 2 distribution centers at United States and France. Its environmental commitment and support for social projects also make a difference, helping Indusparquet to remain the world leader at tropical hardwood floring.

Indusparquet maintains business relationships with more than 30 countries, including the United States, Italy, France, Chile, Canada, Australia, Germany, Turkey, Spain and Japan.

From Vatican to Taj Mahal, from Las Vegas hotels to Louis chain stores Vuitton in the world, there are many addresses in which common point is elegance and good taste of Indusparquet Cumaru flooring.

Be Happy Buying Cumaru Deking and Flooring

Brazilian Teak Hardwood Flooring and Brazilian Teak Deking are perfect products for you to make the decoration of your home more sophisticated in every way.

With this combination the interior and exterior environment is beautiful, safe and contain the noble air that only Cumaru wood may offer in style.